Page 104 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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At the annual meeting of the National Committee of the Jewish Book Council,
held on May 28, 1947 at the Hotel Sheraton, N.Y.C., Rabbi S. Felix Mendelsohn,
the guest speaker deplored the “apathy” toward Jewish books of American Jewry
and stressed that the Council’s annual sponsorship of Jewish Book Week and
Book Month “is a necessity without which our book production would largely
be — to use the rabbinical phrase — ‘like a stone which does not turn’.”
Dr. Mordecai Soltes, executive director of Yeshiva University, and an honorary
president of the Jewish Book Council, presented a citation on its behalf to Rabbi
Mendelsohn. The testimonial, recallted that he “was the originator of Jewish Book
Week in 1927 on a national scale,” and noted that he “inspired the efforts to enlarge
and increase Jewish Book Week activities.”
In his opening address, Dr. Grayzel stated that the Council would not be satisfied
“until the objectives of Jewish Book Month have been attained, namely, the
universal appreciation and attention to the Jewish book. To that task we should
all dedicate ourselves.” As Council president he was particularly proud, Dr.
Grayzel said, that the nation-wide Survey initiated by the JWB last year had
commended the work of the Council, “and had recommended its activity be
extended to other fields.
“Again we owe thanks” he concluded, “to the National Jewish Welfare Board,
its president, Mr. Frank L. Weil, and its officers and staff for their continued sup-
port. We, of course, believe that in supporting the Jewish Book Council, the
National Jewish Welfare Board expresses its own aims most effectively.”