Page 105 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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COMPREHENSIVE survey of books of all literary cate-
gories published in Palestine during 1945-46,
Literature in Palestine in 5706
, an article by Dr. Gedaliah Elkoshi,
gives further evidence of the profuse literary productivity of the
Jews of Palestine. While the author covers all fields of literary
endeavor he concentrates primarily on
, and in each
case indicates succinctly and lucidly the primary characteristics
of the literary contribution under discussion. Among the cate-
gories of books reviewed in this article are: collected writings,
translations of fiction, poetry, drama, juvenile literature, literary
essays and research, medieval Hebrew literature, folk-lore, mem-
oirs, Jewish history, contemporary problems, Zionism and bib-
In contrast to this, a review on the American scene by Ain
Hakore in his article,
Hebrew Literature in America in 5707
reveals that the past year did not begin to achieve the record of
previous years in the literary productivity of Hebrew books.
The author dwells on the various types of books published and
offers a brief analysis of each classification. Rabbi Jacob Kabakoff
in the English Section of this
offers a somewhat similar
presentation on the Hebrew books of Palestine and America in
Among the Recent Hebrew Books.
In the article,
The Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Hadoar
Dr. Menahem G. Glenn traces the stages of the development of
the Hebrew weekly periodical which is presently marking a
quarter of a century of existence. The writer points up the literary
achievements of this publication, the only Hebrew weekly pub-
lished outside of Palestine. He indicates that the
become an important instrument for the enrichment of Hebrew
literature in general and for the strengthening of the position of
the Hebrew language and literature, particularly in America.
Chaplain William Z. Dalin of the U. S. Army and Eliezer
Estrin, one of the cultural leaders in the Displaced Persons Camps
of Europe, in an article entitled
Hebrew Literary Publications in
DP Camps
write of the literary activities among the survivors of
the Hitler holocaust. The article contains a number of excep-
tionally interesting facts about the experiences of our unfortunate
brethren in their present uncertain plight.
B. Diener presents for the first time a survey of
Books of Science
in Palestine
which reveals the varied scientific interests and con-
butioris of the