Page 106 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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Another in the series of articles on
Curiosities in Hebrew Litera-
by Daniel Persky provides a lighter touch to the Hebrew
Section of the
The bibliophile will discover a variety of
delightful and odd facts in this feature.
For those readers who are not acquainted with the
Jewish Book
Council of America
, which is sponsored by the National Jewish
Welfare Board, Solomon Kerstein presents a. brief evaluation of
the organization and a description of its program.
In this section of the
anniversaries of three outstanding
Yiddish literary figures — Mendele Moher Sefarim, David Pinski,
and Morris Rosenfeld — are given due recognition.
The Inheritance from the Grandfather
by Jacob Levin is a
tribute to Mendele Moher Sefarim on the occasion of the thirtieth
anniversary of his death. The article gives an evaluation of
. Mendele’s contribution to Jewish literature with emphasis on the
social significance of his works. The author concerns himself with
the most important of these writings.
Melech Ravitch writes on
Morris Rosenfeld
on the sixtieth
anniversary of the initial publication of his poems. I t is a com-
prehensive review of the life and letters of Rosenfeld, a pioneer
of modern Yiddish poetry and one of the greatest contributors
to Yiddish literature.
Selected Plays of David Pinski
by Sh. Niger is a fitting tribute to
the great author, who is marking his seventy-fifth birthday. A
critical appraisal of Pinski’s contribution to Jewish literature as
a playwright is presented with particular reference to a number
of his most important plays —
Der Shtumer Moshiah
Die Familie
Yenkel der Schmid
, and his historical dramas.
Recent Yiddish Books in Argentina
by Asher Penn demonstrates
the literary productivity of Jews in South America.
A practically complete annotated listing of all books in Yiddish
for the stated period will be found in
Bibliography of Yiddish
by Mark Zborowski of the Yiddish
Scientific Institute (YIVO).
Reviews of Yiddish Books
has been compiled by M. Hezkuni
from the Yiddish daily press and other periodicals.
Solomon Kerstein’s article on the
Jewish Book Council of Amer-
, which also appears in the Hebrew section, concludes the
Yiddish section.
The articles appearing in the Hebrew and Yiddish sections of
provide an enlightened and comprehensive picture
of the current literary output in these languages.