Page 11 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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HIS year’s
Jewish Book Annual
, like its five predecessors,
aims to give a fairly comprehensive picture of what has been
done in the field of Jewish publishing during the past twelve-
month and to provide bibliographical information on important
men and topics. With this double objective in mind, the
Annua l
continues to list the new books and other publications produced
in the three languages represented in the Jewish Book Council of
America. I t includes brief articles, mostly of a bibliographical
nature, on other subjects as well. Since the end of the war, the
Editorial Board has thought it desirable to offer information on
the literary productivity of Jewish communities outside the
United States. Thus, while all other activities of the Jewish Book
Council are directed towards stimulating the reading of Jewish
books, the
Annua l
seeks to provide those already interested in
Jewish cultural life with information tha t may offer them a stand-
ard wherewith to measure cultural progress and a guide to pur-
poseful reading.
The Jewish Book Council itself considers the
Annua l
a guide
in a different sense. We assume th a t the more widespread use of
this volume indicates growing interest in Jewish literary activity.
T h a t is why we feel so gratified over the increasing calls for it
each succeeding year.
The progress made by our movement during the year ju s t past
is described below, on pages 89-94. All tha t remains for me to do
here is to express the thanks of the Jewish Book Council, and of
myself, to the editors •of the respective sections — Mr. Abraham
G. Duker, Mr. Moshe Starkman and Dr. Pinkhos Churgin — to
the Editorial Board and to. the contributors to each of the lin-
guistic" sections. Rabbi Philip Goodman, Executive Secretary of
the Jewish Book Council, has as usual made himself indispensable
in the planning and preparation of this book. To all of them I
express the profound gratitude of the Jewish Book Council.
I t is a pleasure once more to acknowledge the debt which the
Jewish Book Council owes to its sponsor, the National Jewish
Welfare Board. May this great institution in American Jewry
and Mr. Frank L. Weil, its very able president, have the joy of
seeing their interest in our activities rewarded by an ever-grow-
ing devotion on the pa r t of the American Jewish community to
the reading of Jewish books.