Page 35 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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by Bartley C. Crum (New York, Simon and Schuster, 1947). An
English M. P., member of the Committee, Mr. Crossman offers
a personal and personalized record of his experience and judg-
ments while engaged in the work of the Committee. He tells of
all his preconceptions and how they were altered; his talks with
various leaders, Jewish and non-Jewish. His own unprejudiced
impressions of all arguments are presented, and conclude with a
plea for partition. Mr. Crum, an American member of the Com-
mittee, offers a candid and impartial discussion of the question
which confronts the Jews, the British and Arabs and which re-
quires a solution to an explosive situation, and tells the human
story of the world-wide Jewish predicament. He has gone behind
the silken curtain of secret diplomacy, censorship and propaganda
which veils the problem of Palestine and tha t of the homeless
Jewish displaced persons of Europe and has said what he thinks
about what he found. He indicts the secret diplomacy of our
State Department on the Palestine issue and asserts our need for
a foreign policy tha t is firmly bedded on principles of honesty and
equality. The two-volume work entitled
Palestine; a study of
Arab and British policies
(New Haven, 1947) offers a
thorough analysis of its current economic, cultural and political
situation. I t was issued by Yale University Press for the Esco
Foundation for Palestine, Inc.
The United States and the Near
by Ephraim A. Speiser (Cambridge, Mass., Harvard Uni-
versity Press, 1947) forms the second volume in the American
Foreign Policy Library edited by Sumner Welles. I t offers a dis-
cussion of the problem of Palestine, and the need for a ju s t solution
of the controversies which*have arisen in the Holy Land and which
have become matters of intimate concern to many millions of
Americans. I t is a contribution to a clear understanding of the
present play of political, economic and social forces within the
Near East. A book which furnishes a vivid appraisal of the politi-
cal picture of Palestine is contained in the new edition of
Ihe rape
of Palestine
by William B. Ziff (New York, Argus, 1946), for
which the author provided a foreword and epilogue. Some of the
notes which appeared in the original edition (New York, 1938)
have been omitted from the present one. All aspects of the sub-
ject of Mr. Ziff’s book are discussed from a British viewpoint in
Palestine: star or crescent?
by Nevill Barbour (New York, Odyssey
Press, 1947). In
The great challenge
by Louis Fischer (New York,
Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1946) there is a chapter on the Pales-
tinian problem which puts its finger on what some people consider
a real weak spot in the whole situation. I t is tha t Zionism is a
nationalist movement. The nationalistic character of tha t move-
ment as conceived by the Revisionists is expounded in