Page 36 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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Jabotinsky's conception of a nation
by Dr. Oscar K. Rabinowicz
(New York, Beechhurst, 1946).
The fourth chapter of
Suitors and suppliants
by Stephen Bonsai,
(New York, Prentice-Hall, 1946) who was aide to Colonel House
and confidential interpreter to President Wilson at Paris, is
devoted to “The Zionist and Ben Israel.” I t furnishes an intimate
account of Zionist aspirations in Palestine as they were considered
in the days when the Versailles treaty was in the making. The
informal biography of
Franklin D. Roosevelt
by Alden Hatch
(New York, Holt, 1947) mentions several interesting instances
showing the late president’s intimate knowledge of biblical refer-
ences to Palestine. When his plane flew over Palestine, Roosevelt
ordered the pilot to fly low. He recognized all the landmarks,
although he had never before been to Palestine. “You know this
country as though you were raised here,” one of his co-travelers
exclaimed. “ So I do,” was Roosevelt’s answer. I t also tells of
Roosevelt’s conference with King Ibn Saud, ruler of Saudi Arabia,
on the Palestine issue. Roosevelt desired to secure the King’s
approval of greater Jewish immigration to Palestine. Failing
that, he wanted the King to remain neutral. Ibn Saud met these
suggestions with a courteous but adamant refusal. Neu tral is
certainly not the position of the spokesman for the Ihud Associa-
tion of Palestine, whose written and oral testimony before the
Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry is contained in
bi-national state
(New York, Ihud Association of Palestine, 1946).
I t also includes a letter to
The New York Times
and an NBC
broadcast by Dr. J. L. Magnes.
The economic aspects of contemporary Palestine is presented
The revival of Palestine
by Joshua Ziman, with an introduction
by Dr. Abraham Granovsky (New York, Sharon Press, 1946).
I t is a diligent and careful study based on available material,
properly correlated to give a comprehensive picture of the result
of an enterprise unparalleled in the whole world, the Jewish up-
building work in Palestine during the last sixty years. Every
phase of Jewish economy is presented with accounts and figures
on population increase, land and water development, agriculture,
industry, commerce, trade, health, education, etc. I t also tells of
the part tha t Arabs have played in Palestine’s growth and how
their numbers and achievements have been directly dependent
upon Jewish contributions to the land advancement. The revival
of Palestine as described by Mr. Ziman would not have been pos-
sible without the efforts of the Zionist movement.
To make the history, aims and achievements of Zionism better
known in this country, the Zionist Organization of America issued
an American edition of
The Zionist movement
by Israel Cohen