Page 48 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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with a rollicking, romping text especially written for children by
Efraim Michael Rosenzweig (Chicago, L. M. Stein, 1946). An
appropriate melody to accompany the verses of the traditional
Had Gadya madrigal has been provided and the leading initial of
each verse is a thing of beauty and joy.
The house of God
Desider Holisher (New York, Crown, 1946) offers a collection
of two hundred photographs of cathedrals, churches and syna-
gogues in the United States.
Although the year’s ou tpu t in American Jewish publications
embraces every field of literature and research, Jewish history has
a relatively small share in it, yet it can point to the fact th a t the
first presentation in any language of the
History o f the Jews of
by Cecil Roth (Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of
America, 1946) appeared on American soil. I t was recognized
at once as a publication which removes a long-standing
Useful and timely is the history of American diplomatic
intervention in the actions of other countries in an effort to protect
Jews against oppression and discrimination. I t is entitled
firmness in the right
; American diplomatic action affecting Jews,
1840-1945 by Cyrus Adler and Aaron M. Margalith (New York,
American Jewish Committee, 1946). In reality it is a revised and
enlarged edition of the thirty-sixth volume of the
the American Jewish Historical Society (New York, 1943) to
which was added a chapter on “The War Years, 1939-1945.”
A measure of Jewish interest is attached to
Experiment in
by Clifford Downdey (Garden City, Doubleday, 1946)
which presents the story of the Confederate government, of the
men who started it and who kept it going up to the last pulse-
beat. Judah P. Benjamin’s role in it is adequately described, bu t
with a touch of derision, as is th a t of several other incumbents
who drifted in and out of office. How the Jews in Brazil were
among the most active agents in gaining a market for the sugar
producers of the country, especially during the first century of
colonization, is told in
The masters and the slaves
by Gilberto
Freyre (New York, Knopf, 1947). Aspects of Canadian Jewish
life are becoming better known and better understood as a result
of the appearance in recent years of publications dealing with
them. To these have now been added
A population study of the
Winnipeg Jewish community
, a statistical study by Louis Rosen-
berg (Montreal, Canadian Jewish Congress, 1946). I t is the
first in a series of population studies of Canadian Jewish commu-
nities which, when completed, will include all cities in Canada
in which at least one thousand Jews were resident in 1941.
house of Joseph in the life of Quebec
; the record of a century and a
half by E. C. Woodley (Quebec, 1946), unfolds the contributions
to the economic growth of Canada by a Canadian Jewish dynasty