Page 53 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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HE output of Hebrew books in Palestine has during the past
year exceeded even tha t of the productive war years, with
more than 850 volumes — close to three a day — having come
off the presses. I t thus becomes clear once again th a t current
Hebrew literature is far too large and varied for an adequate
evaluation by any single reviewer. In fact, the mere listing of the
titles published would require more space than is available for
this article.
We shall therefore have to be content with a descriptive listing
of some of the important literary contributions, arranged accord-
ing to a few chosen subjects. This will give the reader a fair, even
if necessarily incomplete, conception of the scope of Palestinian
Hebrew letters. Regarding American Hebrew books, we shall
continue our practice of treating in greater detail the more impor-
tan t works which have appeared since the writing of last year’s
survey. Here, too, we cannot aim at bibliographical complete-
ness. For to list merely the halakic and rabbinic works published
and to enumerate the rich reprint literature in Hebrew would take
us far afield. This year again a number of American Hebrew
writers have had works published in Palestine; they are included
in the following section dealing with Hebrew literature in America.
This section is headed by two collective volumes which, by
virtue of the number and quality of their literary contents, repre-
sent an imposing contribution to our literature. The first of these
, volume XXX -XXX I (New York, Goslava and
Abraham Joseph Stybel Foundation for Hebrew Literature,
1946), edited by Aaron Zeitlin and Eisig Silberschlag. To renew
the publication of this series in America was the dream of the late
Stybel, who had backed it first in Russia, then in Poland and
Germany, and later in Palestine. Lack of space prohibits the
mention of the many varied contributions to this bulky volume.
The volume, however, displays a continuation of the tradition
set by the noted publication in such fields as
, transla-