Page 58 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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Likvod ha-Regel
(In Honor of the Festivals) is the title of Daniel
Persky’s latest volume of feuilletons and short pieces (New York,
published by the author, 1947). That this book became unavail-
able soon after publication is further demonstration of the popu-
larity of Persky’s writing. The author takes us through the
Jewish year and combines descriptions of life situations, sermonic
comments with memoirs to transmit the warmth and glow of the
festivals. Much pleasure is furnished by the author’s linguistic
speculations and humorous style. A further proof of Persky’s
popularity in this genre was the publication in Palestine of a
group of his feuilletons, entitled
Likvod Pesah
(In Honor of
Passover — Tel Aviv, Sifriat Hashaot, 1946).
We can mention only a few of the many rabbinic and scholarly
writings which continue to appear here in considerable numbers.
Worthy of note among them are Rabbi Chaim Heller’s new edi-
tion of Maimonides’
Sefer ha-Mitzvot\
Rabbi M. M. Kasher’s
biblical cyclopedia
Torah Shlemah
, of which the volume contain-
ing the Sidrah Bo has appeared; and volume nine of Dr. Michael
Otzar ha-B'raitot.
Of the numerous reprints, we can
mention Rav Tzair’s
Kitzur ha-Talmud
on the tractate
published by the Tchernowitz Jubilee Committee, and Samuel J.
Yamim Noraim
, an anthology on the High Holydays
reissued here by Schocken Books. An increasing number of
classical works are thus being made available by enterprising
The steady rise in Palestine’s Hebrew publishing industry can
be explained by the growth of the reading public and its demand
not only for original literary works but also for translations and
books of reference. Despite the high costs of paper and printing
which have since the war tripled or even quadrupled the price of
the books, comparatively high circulation figures are maintained
through advance subscription and book-of-the month plans.
Many of the leading publishing houses are able to give their readers
savings of as high as fifty percent in this manner. Thus
Am Oved
the publishing arm of the Labor Federation and by now the
largest publishing house in the country, sponsors such subscrip-
tion series as
(For the Generation) — twelve literary works
per year;
(Adolescence) — six books a year for young
(For the Youth) — twelve books a year for the
younger generation;
(For the Child) — six illustrated
books for children, as well as various other projects devoted to
informative works in history, philosophy, the labor movement,
Palestine, etc. This pattern is followed by other houses, even if