Page 61 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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Foundation complement each other. They are: S. Yeivin’s
Milhemet Bar Kochba
(The Struggle of Bar Kochba), which sum-
marizes the fragmentary information on the background of this
event, and M. Avi-Yonah’s
B'Yme Roma u Byzantion
(In the
Days of Rome and Byzantine), which takes up the story of events
from Bar Kochba to the Arab Conquest of Palestine. The earlier
period of Roman-Jewish relations was dealt with by Klausner in
a small volume containing six lectures on
Yehuda vRomi
and Rome). Other noteworthy volumes in Jewish history include
S. Assaf’s
Mekorot uMehkarim b'Toledot Yisrael
(Sources and
Studies in Jewish History), dealing with Palestine and the Medi-
terranean countries; H. Z. Hirshberg’s
Yisrael b'Arav
(The Jews
of Arabia), a history of the Jews in Himjaz and Hedjaz; A. M.
Habermann’s edition of source material, entitled
Gezerot Ashkenaz
(The Book of Franco-German Edicts) and R. Mahler’s
ha-Yehudim b'Polin
(History of the Jews in Poland), which treats
the economic, social and legal aspects of the subject.
Among biblical studies are M. Z. Segal’s
Mevo ha-Mikra
duction to the Bible), whose second volume treats the latter
prophets, M. Buber’s study of
(Moses) and the concluding
part of the second volume of Ezekiel Kaufman’s
Toledot ha-
Emunah ha-Yisraelit
(History of the Jewish Faith). In the field of
rabbinics there were new editions of Maimonides’
Mishneh Torah
and the
and a volume of studies by Rabbi S. J. Zevin,
Or ha-Halakah
(In the Light of the Halakah). The writings of
S. A. Horodetzky were collected in two volumes entitled
ha-Sehel vYahadut ha-Regesh
(Rational and Emotional Judaism),
dealing with Jewish movements and personalities. Rabbi J. L.
Dyoknaot Shel Maalah
(Saintly Figures) offers studies
of such men as Saadya, Halevi and Rashi. P. Ne’eman was the
author of a study of Rashi as a biblical exegete and Dov Katz
published the first volume on
Tenuat ha-Mussar
(The Mussar
Movement). The pupils of the Vienna Rabbinical Seminary
dedicated a volume to that institution containing memoirs and
studies by former students such as Professors Krauss, Judah
Bergmann and N. H. Torczyner. The first volume in a new
library of folklore and ethnology,
Ma'aseh Yerushalmi
, attributed
to Abraham ben Maimon, was edited by Rabbi J. L. Zlotnik of
South Africa.
The Zionist movement and Palestine brought forth the usual
large proportion of books dealing with their various aspects.
The best-seller among the books on Palestine because of the
heightened interest in this area was J. Braslavsky’s
The Land of the
The Arab life and economy was the subject of a number of
studies, including A. N. Poliak’s
Divre Y ’me ha-Aravim
of the Arabs — Bialik Foundation); J. Waschitz’s