Page 95 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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in s b u r g
, Y
e h u d a
e i b
rabbi, author; b. Dvinsk, Russia, 1888; came to U. S.
1931; rabbi New Haven, Denver since 1932; Talmudic scholar; author of
Yalkut Yehuda, Keser Hashabbos, Musar Hamishnah, Musar Haneviim,
manuscript of book on the later prophets; d. Denver, Colo., Oct. 21, 1946.
r e e n b e r g
, L
o u i s
rabbi; b. New Constantine, Russia, 1894; came to U. S!
1913; educ. Jewish Theological Seminary of Am. rabbi 1926, Yale U. Ph. D.
1941; rabbi New Rochelle, N. Y., B’nai Jacob Cong. New Haven, Conn.,
since 1928; author of
The Jews in Russia
The Strugglefo r Emancipation,
not completed at time of death), dramas including
The Bear Awakens
in Yiddish, and articles in Yiddish and Hebrew publications; home, New
Haven, Conn.; d. Lebanon, Conn., Feb. 8,.1946.
o row it z
, J
o se ph
N ., newspaperman; former mem. staff
Jewish Morning Journal
aged 66; d. Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 5, 1946.
a p l a n
, C
h a im
rabbi; b. Koydanov, Russia, Dec. 4, 1898; came to U. S. 1922;
educ. Poland, Lithuania, Yeshiva Coll. New York, Columbia U., and Yale U.;
rabbi congs. New Haven, Conn., Plainfield, N. J., and McKeesport, Pa.;
lecturer Semitic languages Yeshiva U.; ed.
Ner Maaravi
1923-25; contributor
to periodicals, Hebrew and English; d. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 20, 1946.
a t z
, J
o se ph
P., author; radio columnist
Jewish Daily Forward,
New York;
author of articles on music; mem. Forward Assn.; aged 67; d. Brooklyn, N. Y.,
July 7, 1945.
a u fm a n
, M
ic h a e l
J., physician, author; b. Russia,
1882; author of Yiddish
verse and short stories published in
Jewish Daily Forward,
New York and
other publications; d. Newark, N. J., Mar. 23, 1946.
o b r in
, L
e o n
novelist, playwright, journalist; b. Vitebsk, Russia, Mar. 15, 1873;
came to U. S. 1892; author of over 30 plays, incl.
Sonim, Yankel Boile Oder der
Natur Mentch, Tier Numer Drei, Tzurick zum Folk, Israels Hofenung
Riverside Drive
; novels,
Immigranten, Erwachung
Ore die Bord, In
Goldenem Shtrom
Neie Odem un Chave\
collections of short stories
Shriften, A Lithuanian Village
; member of staff
The Day
, New York, for
25 yrs.; translator into Yiddish of Russian, French, and other classics; d.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Mar. 31, 1946.
ir s c h e n b a u m
, J
a c o b
journalist; b. Galicia, Feb. 29, 1885; came to U. S. 1900;
member editorial staff
Jewish Morning Journal
New York since 1915; mng.
Jewish JVorld
Cleveland 1913; author of
Dos Landfun Wunder\
during World War
I ,
cultural dir. Natl. Jewish Welfare Bd.; d. New York,
N. Y., Oct. 25, 1946.
o c h in
, E
l ih u
o l f
rabbi; b. Rumsisock, Lithuania, 1872; came to U. S. 1906;
rabbi Russia 1899-1906, congs. Pittsburgh since 1906; founder Pittsburgh
Hebrew Seminary 1919; author of collection of sermons,
Adrath Elijah
vols.); d. Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 26, 1946.
o h o n
, E
th e l
r s
. B
e n j a m in
) ,
author; b. England, July 21, 1888; came to
U. S. 1894; author (under pen-names of Ethel C. Dow and Jane Halloway)
of several books, incl.
Haddor Hazzeh, The Diary of a Birthday Doll, Mother's
Hero, The Proud Roxanna A t Flower Farm\
d. New York, N. Y., Nov. 22,1946.
a n d m a n
, I
sa ac
rabbi, editor; b. Russia, Oct. 24, 1880; came to U. S. 1889; rabbi
Philadelphia, New York; Beth
E lo h im ,
,Brooklyn, N. Y., since 1931; ed.
American Hebrew
Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
in 10 vols.; author
Moses Hayim Luzzatto
First Hebrew Playwright, Stories of the Prophets,
A Course of Instruction fo r Jewish Religious Schools, Christian and Jew
Symposium on Better Understanding, Status of Adult Jewish Education
; or-
ganizer Permanent Commn on Better Understanding among Catholics, Prot-
estants and Jews in Am. 1927; home, Brooklyn, N. Y.; d. Starlake, N. Y.,
Sept. 3, 1946.