Page 98 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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ibn Ganah, Josef Bonfils und sein Werk Sofnath Peneah
, and other books on
Semitic philology and Judaeo-Arabic lit., also historical monographs; d.
Oxford, England, Mar. 6, 1946.
o row it z
, P
h i n e a s
Zionist leader;
b .
1886; mem. Council, former
v . - p r e s . ,
Zionist Fed. of Great Britain and Ireland; gen. sec’y Jewish National Fund;
mem. Bd of Deputies; author of
The Jewish Question and Zionism
; d. London,
England, Mar. 26, 1946.
a h a n
, L
a z a r
Yiddish journalist;
b .
1886; corresp. ed. newspapers
Warsaw and Lodz; d. Shanghai, China, May 26, 1946.
a h a n a
, A
b r a h a m
scholar, historian; b. Russia, 1874; went to Palestine 1922;
author of
Koroth Hayehudim Beroma
, biography of Moses Hayim Luzzatto,
Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov
Maasiyoth Rabbi Nachman Mibratzlav, Hasefarim
in 3 vols., commentary on Bible and Apocrypha, a Hebrew gram-
mar, Russo-Hebrew dictionary; compiled anthologies o f source materials for
Jewish history,
Sifruth Hahistoriah Hayisraelith
in 2 vols., and Hassidism,
Sefer Hahasiduth\
d. Tel-Aviv, Palestine, reptd Feb. 27, 1946.
a s t e i n
, J
o se f
( J
u l iu s
a t z e n s t e in
) ,
historian; b. Germany, Oct. 6, 1890; in
law practice Switzerland for 10 yrs.; went to Palestine 1934; author of books
in German, published also in English translation, incl.
Uriel da Costa oder die
Tragoedie der Gesinnung
Suesskind von Trimberg oder die Tragoedie der Heimat-
Sabbatdi Zevi, der Messias von Ismir
die Geschichte eines
History and Destiny of the Jews
Jews in Germany
; d. Haifa, Palestine,
June 13, 1946.
e v y
, O
sc a r
physician, author; b. Germany, Mar. 28, 1867; went to England 1894;
translator into English of complete works of Nietzsche in 18 vols.; into German
of some of Disraeli’s novels; author of books, incl.
The Spirit of Israel
Revival of Aristocracy
, poems; d. Oxford, England, August, 1946.
a r m o r s t e in
, A
r t h u r
theologian, England; b. Hungary, Sept. 20, 1882; educ.
Germany; lecturer Bible and Talmud Jews’ College since 1912; author of
books, incl.
Talmud und Neues Testament
Religionsgeschichtliche Studien
Midrash Haseroth Veyeteroth
The Doctrine of Merits in Old Rabbinic Literature
The Old Rabbinic Doctrine of God\
d. London, England, Oct. 5, 1946.
r l a n d
, H
e r s c h
author, U. S. S. R.; author of novel
dramatized for
Jewish Art Theatre, Moscow; founder
, children’s magazine; ed. short
stories and novels; aged 59; d. U. S. S. R., reptd May 10, 1946.
o s e n e r
, S
a lom o n
author, historian; b. Russia, 1876; went to France 1903;
author of biography of Adolph Cremieux; ed.
La Correspondence Russe, La
Tribune Juive
, Paris; d. Paris, France, Oct. 24, 1946.
e s n ic k
, S
a lom o n
journalist; b. Russia, 1895; went to Argentina 1904; founder
E l Mundo Israelita
, weekly; ed.
, monthly review Buenos Aires;
translator into Spanish of Peretz, Asch, Zfiitlovsky, and Dubnov’s historical
writings; author of books in Spanish,
Dos formas de nacionalismo espiritual
jud io
A jad Haam y Dubnow
La literatura judia de la post-guerra
de la literatura judia\
d. Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 27, 1946.
c hw a r z f e l d
, M
o s e s
editor, author; b. Rumania, 1857; founded
(Year Book for Jews, 1877-98), yearbooks of Julius Barasch his-
torical society; ed.
, Bucharest weekly, 1890-1940; d. Bucharest,
Rumania, October, 1943.
t r e i t
, S
h a lom
Hebrew writer; b. Galicia, 1889; went to Palestine 1908; literary
critic; author of
A l Pene Hasifruth
, 2-vol. collection of critical essays and
Baaloth Hashahar\
d. Jerusalem, Palestine, June 1946.
a l t zm a n
, S
o lom o n
publisher; b. Russia,
1872; went to Palestine 1919; pub-
lished Bialik’s poems in Russian translation, Jabotinsky’s work in Hebrew,
, Palestine daily; d. Tel-Aviv, Palestine, Dec. 1, 1946.