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IN 5707 (1946-47)
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It is gratifying to note from hundreds of reports we have received that there
has been a wholehearted and general acceptance throughout the country of the
program of the Jewish Book Council of America which is sponsored by the National
Jewish Welfare Board. There is real evidence o f interest in and appreciation of
the work of the Council apparent in these reports. During the year under review,
there was no longer any necessity of “selling” the program to national and local
organizations, community centers, synagogues, public libraries and other agencies.
In fact the reverse was true. These organizations, on their own initiative, came to
us seeking advice and guidance in the formulation and execution of their plans.
It is significant to note that a good number of organizations that did not participate
actively in Jewish Book Month were apologetic for their failure. The requests we
received for materials and guidance exceeded by far those of previous years and
the program has been gaining momentum as a result of the initial prodding by the
Council. It is a tribute both to the early active participants in the work of the
Council and to the National Jewish Welfare Board for their interest and faith in
the efficacy of the program which has now been proven.
Jewish Book Annua l
— 1946 saw the appearance of the fifth volume of the tri-
lingual Jewish Book Annual. A full color illumination by the famous artist, Arthur
Szyk, is on the cover of the paper bound copy and on the frontispiece of the cloth
bound copy. The following were the editors: Abraham G. Duker, English section;
Dr. Pinkhos Churgin, Hebrew section and Moshe Starkman, Yiddish section.
The managing editor was Philip Goodman. Two thousand copies were paperbound
and.five hundred clothbound. Through the cooperation of Maurice Jacobs, execu-
tive vice-president of the Jewish Publication Society, the publication of the Annual
was expedited so that it was available for distribution approximately five weeks in
advance of Jewish Book Month. It has been reviewed favorably in the English
and Yiddish press and is considered a guide for Jewish community leaders, librar-
ians, teachers and rabbis. The following excerpt from a long review printed in
Subscription Books Bulletin, published by the American Library Association, is
“All in all the Jewish person has in the Jewish Book Annual an excellent guide
to the year’s reading on Jewish interests. The non-Jewish reader is given an insight
into the program and activities of the Jewish Book Council as well as an acquaint-
ance with current Jewish book production. The Annual also provides the librarian
with an authoritative buying list, particularly in Joshua Bloch’s article, ‘The
Year’s Bookshelf’.”
In Jewish Bookland
— This bi-monthly publication has increased in popularity
during the past year and hundreds of requests to be placed on the mailing list have
been received from individuals. The present circulation is close to 6000 copies.
Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen who is continuing to serve as editor of “In Jewish Book-
land” contributes considerably to the high literary standards of the publication.
The Editorial Advisory Board has been revised and now includes the following
members in addition to Dr. Cohen; Rabbi Jacob Kabakoff, Dr. Jacob Shatzkv,
Dr. Azriel Eisenberg, Dr. Solomon Grayzel and Philip Goodman.