Page 111 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 7 (1948-1949)

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Morris Newburger served as President of the Society from 1888
until 1902, and was succeeded by Edwin Wolf, who served until
1913. The longest service as President was that of Simon Miller,
who served for twenty consecutive years, retiring in 1933, so that
an energetic younger man, J. Solis-Cohen, Jr., could assume the
direction of the Society. Mr. Solis-Cohen has served for fifteen
The original Chairman of the Publication Committee was Judge
Mayer Sulzberger, who served until his death in 1923. He was
succeeded by Dr. Cyrus Adler, who was very active in the affairs
of the Society from its very inception, and who served for ten years
as Chairman of the Publication Committee. The President of the
Society, Mr. J. Solis-Cohen, Jr., served as Acting Chairman from
1933 to 1938 and was succeeded by the present Chairman, Judge
Louis E. Levinthal.
Miss Henrietta Szold, later the founder of Hadassah, attended
the organizational meeting of the Society in 1888 and immediately
became part of the official family. She served as Editor and
Secretary of the Publication Committee from the organizational
meeting in 1888 until January 16, 1916. She helped to write the
concluding chapter, which dealt with the Jews in America, of the
Society’s first publication, Lady Magnus’
Outlines of Jewish
For Graetz’
History of The Jews
, she compiled the com-
prehensive and valuable index. She translated from the German
The Ethics of Judaism.
The first four volumes of
Legends of the Jews
were also translated from the German by Miss
Szold. From the French, she translated Slouschz’
The Renascence
of Hebrew Literature.
She was co-editor of the
American Jewish
in 1904 and editor in 1906 and 1907. She was elected
an Honorary Vice-President in 1940 and served in that capacity
until her death in 1945.
The roll of editors who followed Henrietta Szold has also con-
tained distinguished personalities: Benzion Halper, who served
from 1916 until 1924; Isaac Husik, who served from 1926 until
1939; and Dr. Solomon Grayzel, who is the Society’s first fulltime
In 1936 the Society underwent a rejuvenation, when an entirely
new attitude was adopted on the type of manuscript printed, the
number of books distributed, etc. From three books and no re-
prints in 1936, the program was moved up until, in 1947, seven