Page 114 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 7 (1948-1949)

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ously produced an annual publication which redounds to the credit
of American Jewry.
Outstanding features of the Year Book have been biographical
sketches of currently deceased Jewish leaders by individuals in-
timately acquainted with their careers; reviews of the year with
reference to Jewish activities and events of Jewish concern in the
United States and abroad by writers possessing special knowledge
of the activites and events; valuable statistics relating to Jewish
population and immigration; directories of Jewish national organ-
izations, local Jewish social service organizations and Jewish period-
icals; data relating to individuals in Jewish public service; and
bibliographical references of Jewish interest.
On the pages of the Year Book are to be found important con-
tributions to the literature of current American-Jewish problems.
On the subject of agriculture there are two articles “Agri-
cultural Activities of the Jews in America” by L. G. Robinson
(Volume 14) and “Jews in Agriculture in the United States” by
Gabriel Davidson (Volume 37).
On Americanization are the articles on “Jewish Americaniza-
tion Agencies” by Charles S. Bernheimer (Volume 23) and “The
Yiddish Press—an Americanizing Agency” by Mordecai Soltes
(Volume 26), the latter also appearing as a separately published
In the fields of philanthropy and communal activity are:
“Jewish Community Organization in the United States” by
Maurice J. Karpf (Volume 39), also published as a separate
volume; “The Federation Movement in American Jewish Philan-
thropy” by Joseph Jacobs (Volume 17); “The Federation for the
Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies of New York” by
I. Edwin Goldwasser (Volume 20); “The Federation in the Chang-
ing American Scene” by Ben M. Selekman (Volume 36); “Twenty-
five Years of American Aid to Jews Overseas — A Record of the
Joint Distribution Committee” by Joseph C. Hyman (Volume 41).
“The Jewish Welfare Board—Twenty Years Old” by Cyrus
Adler (Volume 39), separately published as well as a Year Book
contribution, belongs to the Jewish cultural and community field.
“Jewish Education in the United States” is a contribution by
Julius H. Greenstone (Volume 16) in the field of Jewish education
as is “Twenty-five Years of Jewish Education in the United States”
by I. S. Chipkin (Volume 38).
A number of articles deal with Palestine as well as with num-
erous other topics of vital interest in relation to Jewish activity.
H. L. Linfield has contributed facts and figures on Jewish pop-
ulation, Jewish immigration, Jewish communities, Jewish con-
gregations and other communal activities.