Page 123 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 7 (1948-1949)

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Geographically, the New York Metropolitan and the Mid-West Sections shared
honors. The former was first in the number of organizations taking part, 542 out
of a total of 1,756. The latter was first in attendance at forums and lectures: 18,293
out of 66,168. Besides, this attendance was more than double that of the previous
year. However, in terms of attendance at forums and lectures and in terms of the
number of exhibits, Centers in the Metropolitan New York Section contributed
a considerably larger share than those of the Mid-West.
The following organizations participated actively as was noted from their re-
ports: American Association for Jewish Education, American Jewish Congress,
B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation, B’nai B’rith Youth Organization, Canadian Jew-
ish Congress, Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America, Central Yiddish
Cultural Organization (CYCO), Commission on Jewish Education of the Central
Conference of American Rabbis and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations,
Hadassah, Histadruth Ivrith of America, Jewish Chautauqua Society, Jewish
Institute of Religion, Jewish Publication Society of America, Jewish Theological
Seminary of America, Junior Hadassah, Mizrachi Women’s Organization of Amer-
ica, National Association of Jewish Center Workers, National Council for Jewish
Education, National Council of Jewish Women, National Council of YMHA’s in
Canada, National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, National Federation of
Temple Brotherhoods, National Federation of Temple Youth, National Jewish
Welfare Board, National Women’s League of the United Synagogue, Pioneer
Women’s Organization, Synagogue Council of America, United Yeshivos Founda-
tion, Women’s Branch of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America,
Women’s Division of the American Jewish Congress, Yeshiva University, and
Yiddish Kultur Farband.
With the cooperation of the JWB Department of Public Information and spe-
cifically Bernard Postal, George Perry and Moshe Starkman, considerable publicity
was obtained during the course of the year. Many news releases were issued on
various phases of the Jewish Book Month project. The Yiddish and the Anglo-
Jewish press were most cooperative and devoted considerable space to the event.
All three New York Yiddish dailies carried editorials on the opening day of the
Book Month and featured articles and news stories throughout the ensuing weeks.
The Independent Jewish Press Service and the Seven Arts Feature Syndicate both
syndicated editorials. The New York Sun carried an editorial which aroused con-
siderable attention. Substantial news stories appeared in the New York Times,
Herald Tribune, Post, World Telegram and other New York dailies. The Hadoar
featured an editorial.
The World Federation of YMHA’s arranged three short wave radio programs
including one to England and the continent with Frank L. Weil as the guest speaker,
a program to France with Dr. Sidney Braun and one in Spanish and Yiddish featur-
ing Dr. Jacob Shatzky. The Eternal Light dedicated its program of November 30 th
to Jewish Book Month. Local radio programs were held in many communities
throughout the country. For example, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota had
seven Jewish Book Month broadcasts. In New York City, the Metropolitan Jew-
ish Book Council arranged twelve broadcasts.
Commemoration of significant Jewish literary anniversaries and historical
events marked the celebration of Jewish Book Month, including the 150th Yahr-
zeit of Elijah Gaon; the 30th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration; the 150th
anniversary of the birth of Heinrich Heine and the 30th of Mendele Moher Sefarim.
It also commemorated the 75th anniversary of David Pinski, the 25th of Hadoar
and the 60th of Morris Rosenfeld.