Page 58 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 7 (1948-1949)

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in which there is a description of the Jewish people as interrelating
religion and nationalism, synthesized with internationalism —
all of which “helped strengthen Jewish religious universalism.”
The power of Zion to succor Israel is directly posited. In
essays on Jewish nationalism and social revolution by
Bernard Lazare [translated from the French by Harry Lorin
Binsse], with a portrait of the author by Charles Peguy (N. Y.,
Schocken, ’48), a nineteenth century French Jewish intellectual
presents a socialist approach to Zionism.
The record of the Palestine question before the United Nations
from San Francisco till the end of the special session (May 15,
1947) is presented in
Palestine and the United Nations
; prelude to
solution by Jacob Robinson (Washington, D. C., Public Affairs
Ass’n., ’47). I t recounts all pertinent facts and presents all docu-
ments and discussions that may be helpful in the solution of the
Palestine problems. The treatment is remarkably objective.
Several contributions to the discussion of the subject constitute
The case fo r a bi-national Palestine
; prepared by the executive
committee of the Hashomer Hatzair Workers’ Party in Jerusalem
(N. Y., Hashomer Hatzair, ’47);
The basic equities of the Palestine
, a memorandum by Simon H. Rifkind [and others] (N. Y.,
The Palestine problem and proposals fo r its solution
; memo-
randum submitted to the General Assembly of the United Nations
by Freda Kirchwey, Henry A. Atkinson, Raymond Swing and
others (N. Y., Nation Associates, ’47) and the
Book of documents
submitted to the General Assembly of the United Nations, relating
to the establishment of the national home for the Jewish people,
compiled and annotated by Abraham Tulin (N. Y., Jewish Agency,
’47). Quite important is the
Report on Palestine
, report to the
General Assembly by the United Nations Special Committee on
Palestine; foreword by Senator Robert F. Wagner. (N. Y.,
Somerset, ’47).
The Palestine Dilemma
by Frank Sakran (Washington, D. C.,
Public Affairs Press, ’48) presents an overall review of Palestine’s
past and present from the point of view of those who take the
position that the Arabs’ case has been given meager consideration.
The same position is defended in
Papers on Palestine I I - I I I
(N. Y., Institute of Arab American Affairs, ’47). On the other hand
Covenant everlasting
; Palestine in Jewish history by Berl Locker;
foreword by James G. McDonald, (N. Y., Sharon, ’47) [originally
published under the title:
A stiff-necked people
(London, ’46)] is
a record of the Jewish occupation of Palestinian land from the
conquest of the Israelites to modern Zionism, proving that despite
dispersal and persecution down through the centuries the Jews
retained a foothold in the country of their ancestors.