Page 68 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 7 (1948-1949)

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Dr. Touroff’s essays are a welcome contribution to the field of
Prof. Zevi Scharfstein, who has contributed a great deal to our
text-book literature, has also continued to issue educational works
of wider scope. The second volume of his
Toldot Ha-Hinukh
(History Of Jewish Education — New York, Ogen,
1947) is devoted to the Near East and the English-speaking
countries. The author presents the story of the development of
education for young and old against the background of the period.
A full description is given of the American immigrant period, as
well as of present-day trends and types of schools. Prof. Scharfstein
often quotes copiously from his sources. The illustrations and
popular presentation make the volume useful particularly as a
Prof. Scharfstein was also the author of a small volume of essays
Yozre Sifrut Ha-Yeladim Shelanu
(Hebrew Writers for
Children — New York, Shilo, 1947). These essays treat the sub-
ject-matter, style and methods of the writings for children by such
classic authors as Bialik, Tchernichowsky, Schneour, and Kahan.
The works of such popular Palestinian children’s authors as Zev,
Levin Kipnis and Anda Pinkerfeld are also reviewed.
As part of the publication program in honor of the literary
anniversary of Zalman Schneour, his children’s poems
L ’Yaldei
(To the Jewish Children — New York, Jubilee Committee,
1947) were issued in a reprint edition. An outstanding contribution
to children’s literature was made with the publication of
E l Ha-
Yeladim B'Teman
(Journey to Yemen — New York, United
Synagogue of America, 1948), a novelette by Aron Meged. This
beautiful, illustrated volume is the first of a Library of Collateral
Hebrew Reading with a graded vocabulary. Other children’s items
included Elchanan Indelman’s brochure entitled
Ha-Medina Ha-
(The Jewish State — New York, Jewish Education Com-
mittee, 1948), Peretz Kami’s
Kozbi V Ha-Anak
and J. Giladi’s
Ha-Dod M'sapper.
The latter two titles appeared in Canada.
Additions to our text-book literature were made by Israel Z.
in two parts, New York, Mizrachi National
Religious Education Committee, 1948); Zevi Scharfstein
Yomo Shel Shlomo
, New York, Shilo, 1947);
Sidney Fish
(Reshit Binah
— New York, Bloch, 1947); and the
late J. H. Poliak
(Historia L'Talmidim
— New York, Hebrew
Publishing Co., 1947). Emanuel Edelstein was the author of a