Page 69 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 7 (1948-1949)

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guide for the study of the prayer-book, entitled
Seder Limmud V
Tfilot B'Vet Ha-Sefer Ha-Ivri
(New York, Baronial Press, 1948).
An unusual item was Eliahu Yacobowitz’s pageant entitled
(Onward to the Land of Israel — New York, 1947), with
a musical score by Joseph Rumshinsky and illustrations by Nota
Koslowsky and Saul Raskin. The pageant, which is reproduced
in the author’s own handwriting, depicts the Jewish yearning for
Palestine throughout the ages.
As the concluding items in this survey, we should like to note
two brochures which have a practical application to the problems
of our time. The first is Rabbi Abraham Bick’s
Mishnat Poalim
(Labor Laws — New York, 1948), in which the rights of the
laborer are treated in the form of responsa. The second is
L'Shealat Hitkonnenut L'Sidur Ha-Medina Ha-Yehudit al P i Ha-
(Material for the Preparation of a Constitution for the
Jewish State on a Religious Basis — New York, Research Institute
For Post-War Problems of Religious Jewry, 1948), edited by
Dr. Isaac Lewin. I t contains proposals for the upholding of the
Sabbath, kashrut, marital law and religious education in the new