Page 90 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 7 (1948-1949)

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At quite an early state in his development he fell under the
influence of the three greatest masters of modern Jewish learning
— Adolf Berliner, Moritz Steinschneider, and the saintly David
Hoffmann. They were more than teachers to him, they were
spiritual godfathers who decided his career, and to whom he looks
back to this day with the deepest reverence and devotion. They
guided, sharpened, and deepened his mind, and ignited in him
that spark of love and enthusiasm for Jewish studies which became
his lifelong infatuation. His career in America has been largely
shaped by the requirements and exigencies of his time and environ-
ment, bringing to his people not only the message of the Jewish
book but also the word of hope and comfort and the certainty of
their spiritual destiny.