Page 109 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 8 (1949-1950)

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and have issued, since 1945, the final volumes of
Ecoute Israel.
They are also preparing to publish a revised edition of
(The Jewish Anthology). Of particular interest is the new
publishing house dedicated to Judaism that was organized under
the aegis of Edmond Fleg,
Editions du Chant Nouveau.
Under its
imprint several important new books by M. Fleg have appeared:
the translations from the Bible,
Le Chant Nouveau
, and a number
of pamphlets.
In England, Victor Gollancz continues an active interest in
some of the books:
The Life of Solomon; The Life of Moses
; a
limited edition of
, translated by Humbert Wolfe; and
Why I am a Jew
, which enjoys a considerable circulation.
This state of affairs constitutes a great challenge to publishers
interested in works of Jewish content. Few contemporary works
hover so close to the sources of Jewish inspiration as do the books
of Edmond Fleg.
There are many people who will join in celebrating Edmond
Fleg’s seventy-fifth birthday in 1949 and who will agree that his
work is a great treasure unto Judaism; and to distribute this
wealth, in a spirit of equality, we must bring his good works to
the people.
Works of Edmond Fleg in English Translation
T h e B o y P r o p h e t ,
translated by D. L. Orna.
New York, E. P. Dutton and Co., 1929. 153 pages.
T o l d b y t h e W a n d e r i n g J e w ,
translated by Phyllis
New York, E. P. Dutton and Co., 1935. 336 pages.
T h e J e w i s h A n t h o l o g y ,
translated by Maurice Samuel.
New York, Behrman House, 1933. 399 pages.
T h e L a n d o f P r o m i s e ,
translated by Louise Waterman Wise.
Introduction by Ludwig Lewisohn.
New York, The Macaulay Co., 1933. 256 pages.
T h e L i f e o f M o s e s ,
translated by Stephen Haden Guest.
New York, E. P. Dutton and Co., 1930. 228 pages.
T h e L i f e o f S o l o m o n ,
translated by Viola Gerard Garvin.
New York, E. P. Dutton and Co., 1930. 239 pages.
T h e W a l l o f W e e p i n g ,
translated by Humbert Wolfe.
New York, E. P. Dutton and Co., 1929. 101 pages.
W h y
am a J e w ,
translated by Louise Waterman Wise. Fore-
word by Stephen S. Wise.
New York, Bloch Publishing Co., 1929. 100 pages.