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questionnaires revealed that the publication is serving a most useful purpose. Ten
times as many readers see no need for change in format and typography as those
who do suggest a change. The preference for the kind of books to be reviewed and
for the type of review seems to be in line with current practice. This is indicated
by the comparatively small fraction of respondents who desire fewer but more
intensive book reviews and the considerably larger proportion who expressed a
wish for more and shorter reviews.
Jewish Book Programs
— The revised edition of this 32 page booklet contains
suggestions for activities and projects for (a) coordinated community bodies;
(b) local institutions, such as, Centers, Synagogues, Jewish schools and public
libraries; (c) small groups, classes, clubs and special activity groups, and (d) for
the family in the home. Over 6,000 copies were distributed.
Jewish Book Month Poster
— The beautiful full color illumination by the famous
artist, Arthur Szyk, was reprinted on the 1948 Jewish Book Month poster. Due
to the popularity of the poster, 2,000 additional copies had to be made in addition
to the original order for 8,000 copies.
— The design on the official poster was reproduced on 100,000 book-
marks which were printed and distributed.
Some Jewish Books fo r Your Home Library
— A life-size photographic reproduc-
tion of a four-shelf bookcase with a display of books in English, Hebrew and
Yiddish (35x35) was distributed widely. This was a very popular item.
The Magic Book-Shop
— This play for young children designed for Jewish Book
Month, was written by Sally Miller Brash and evidently filled a real need. A
large number of copies of the play were sold and it was produced in many com-
I f Books Could Talk
— Written by Sally Miller Brash, this play, intended for
older children, was widely used.
And I t Was Written And I t Shall Be Read
— This dramatic reading for adults by
Martha Marenoff was used widely.
Jewish Books fo r Your Home
— This booklist with an article describing the books
listed by Dr. Solomon Grayzel was revised and brought up to date.
Some Books of Jewish Interest
— This booklist by Philip Goodman includes 100
titles of Jewish books in English recommended for adults.
The Jewish Child in Bookland
— This revised bibliography with an introductory
article by Fanny Goldstein was in great demand.
Jewish Book Month in Public Libraries
— This pamphlet was prepared by Gertrude
Finkel, Librarian, Hamilton Fish Park Branch, New York Public Library, with
an introduction by Dr. Joshua Bloch. It contains valuable suggestions and a
selected bibliography to meet the needs of public libraries in arranging appropriate
programs for Jewish Book Month.
Lecturers and Artists fo r Jewish Book Month
— With the cooperation of the Jewish
Center Lecture Bureau of the JWB, a revised edition of this publication was
issued for the guidance of organizations, desiring the participation of speakers
and artists in Jewish Book Month programs.
The Jewish Book Shop
— This pamphlet on the organization and operation of a
book shop, prepared by Isidore Cooperman, received a wide distribution.
The Jewish Library
— An arrangement was made with the Jewish Education
Committee of New York to revise and republish one of their publications entitled