Page 120 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 8 (1949-1950)

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Harry Schneiderman, editor for four decades of the American Jewish Year Book
and a vice-president of the Jewish Book Council of America, was awarded a
“ testimonial of appreciation” at the Council’s annual meeting held on May 25,
1949 at the Jewish Museum in New York. The award, which noted that Mr.
Schneiderman had been active in all aspects of the Council’s program since its
founding, lauded “his sincere devotion to Jewish literature.” Dr. Mordecai Sokes
made the presentation.
Featured at the meeting was a symposium on “The Challenge to the Jewish
Author,” in which the participants were: Dr. Joshua Bloch, head of the Jewish
Division of the New York Public Library; Dr. Simon Halkin, professor of Hebrew
and Hebrew literature at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion;
and Sh. Niger, author and literary critic. Harold U. Ribalow, managing editor of
Congress Weekly, gave the summary. Dr. Bernard J. Bamberger, rabbi of the
West End Synagogue, was chairman.
Twenty Jewish communal libraries over the country received citations for
meeting the Council’s criteria for good Jewish libraries.
Memorial resolutions were passed at the meeting to Arthur Rosenberg, William
Z. Spiegelman, Professor Chaim Tchernowitz, and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise.
Stressing that the Council aimed at nothing less than to make the American
Jewish community “cognizant of the value, indeed of the transcending importance
o f the Jewish book,” Dr. Solomon Grayzel, in his presidential address, stressed
that every Jew all over the country “must be drawn into our work,” and, he added,
“we sponsor Jewish Book Month in November, but we will not be satisfied until
Jewish books are popular and are read and discussed throughout the year.”