Page 121 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 8 (1949-1950)

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Hebrew Literature in Israel in 5708
by S. Ernst has been sum-
marized at length and translated by Jacob Kabakoff and appears
in the English Section of this
Jewish Book Annual
under the title
Among the Recent Books in Israel.
Hebrew Literature in America in 5709
by Ain Hakore is an
annotated bibliography of Hebrew works that have been published
on this continent between May, 1948 and May, 1949. I t is perhaps
significant to note that the output of rabbinic literature exceeds
by far the other categories. The titles are listed under the following
I. Law, responsa, homiletics and ethics
II. Research, essays and literary criticism
III . Belles lettres
IV. Text books
V. Books for children and youth.
English-Jewish Literature in Hebrew Translation
, by Jacob I.
Dienstag, is a bibliography confined to Hebrew translations of
books and articles pertaining to Jews and Judaism which were
originally written in English. This listing of over 100 titles is
divided into these categories: Judaism, Jewish history and prob-
lems, Eretz Yisroel and Zionism, fiction and poetry, and drama.
Among the American authors whose works are now available in
Hebrew are: Bartley C. Crum, Nelson Glueck, Solomon Goldman,
Laura Z. Hobson, Mordecai M. Kaplan, Ludwig Lewisohn, Henry
Wadsworth Longfellow, Solomon Schechter, Jo Sinclair, and
Milton Steinberg.
Dr. Gershon A. Churgin has written an appreciation of the work
and influence of
Rabbi Nahman Krochmal
, great historian and
philosopher, who died a little over a century ago. Following the
pattern of Maimonides, Krochmal wrote
Moreh Nebuche Hazeman
(A Guide for the Perplexed of the Times) in which he interpreted,
in a scientific-historical method, Jewish history in the light of
current knowledge. He exerted tremendous influence on large
numbers of his pupils as well as on many scholars and thinkers
who came after him.
A tribute to
Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Kalisher
, marking the seventy-