Page 53 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 8 (1949-1950)

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A manual for the beginning of Talmud study was compiled by
Dr. M. L. Bialik in his
Gemara M'vueret
(The Talmud Explained
— New York, Mizrachi National Education Committee, 1948).
The compiler has added seventy pages of introductory and
explanatory material to the third chapter of
Baba Meziah.
exercises and tables make the study of the Talmud more under-
standable to the student.
Other additions to textbook material were made by Leah
Klepper in her colorful beginner’s text
Shalom u'Vrachah
Reading the Picture Way — New York, Behrman, 1948), Zvi
Sharfstein in
(Our Fathers — New York, Shilo, 1948) and
Tu bi-Shevat
(1949) and Ben Zion Tabak in
Yisrael b'Artzo
In Its Land — New York, Bloch, 1948). The latter contains
chapters from Jewish history from Joshua through the redaction
of the Talmud and is intended as an introduction to the
A series of pamphlets containing children’s poems on the holi-
days by Elchanan Indelman and entitled
Hagei Yisrael li-Yeladim
(Jewish Holidays for Children) was issued by the Jewish Education
Committee in New York. Two valuable songsters were arranged
by Harry Coopersmith:
Shiron Ivri
(Hebrew Songster for Kinder-
garten and Primary Grades — New York, Jewish Education
Committee, 1948) and
/ ’Shabbat
(Sabbath Service in
Song— New York, Behrman, 1948). The latter can well serve
as a standard guide for Junior Congregations and congregational