Page 57 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 8 (1949-1950)

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Zealots, Saducees, and Christians. E. Shmueli was the author
of a volume describing reactions to the expulsion from Spain
(Gerush Sefarad B-Aspaklarat Daat Ha-Kahal
, Sifriat Poalim)
and the late A. Z. Aescoly contributed a monograph on the his-
tory of the Lodz community (
Toldot Kehilat Lodz
, Hahistadrut
Hazionit). Interest was also shown in recording the facts con-
cerning the destruction of European Jewry. Noteworthy among
the books dealing with this subject were M. Prager’s
Yisrael B-Europah
(Jewish Destruction in Europe, Hakibutz
Hameuhad) and J. Lestchinsky’s
Tefuzot Yisrael L-Ahar Ha-
(Jewish Communities After the War, Mossad Bia-
In the field of ethnography and folklore attention should
be drawn to Dr. A. Brauer’s study of the Jews of Kurdistan
('Yehudei Kurdistan
, Mossad Harav Kook), the first of its kind.
A second in a series of festival anthologies under the title
Sefer Ha-Moadim
was edited by J. L. Baruch (Oneg Shabbat)
and devoted to Passover. The prayers of the followers of Sab-
betai Zvi were gathered in a volume by M. Etiash, with notes
and explanations by Professor G. Scholem (
Shirot V-Tish-
bahot Shel Ha-Shabtaim
, Dvir). The fields of rabbinic liter-
ature, art, psychology and education were also represented
by various contributions.
Despite the war conditions, there was no appreciable decrease
in the number of periodicals which appeared. Among the addi-
tions were the official bulletin of the government, a journal of
Jewish folklore, as well as a number of monthlies and military
In recent times there has been evident a rise in the produc-
tivity of Yiddish authors. The new wave of immigration has
brought into the land a group of writers who are continuing
their literary work in Yiddish. There have appeared a number
of prose and poetic works of importance in this medium.
The increased interest in Yiddish is evidenced in the new
periodicals which have made their appearance, particularly
the quarterly
Die Goldene Keit
(The Golden Chain), issued by
the Histadrut with the co-operation of writers such as Sholom
Asch, Aaron Zeitlin, H. Leivick, J. Opatoshu, M. Boraisho,
A. Leyeles, S. Niger, and others. The poetry and prose selec-
tions deal not only with Israeli motifs but also with general
Jewish subjects. In addition to the Yiddish writers who parti-
cipated in the project, various Hebrew authors like J. Fichman,
J. D. Berkowitz and others have contributed.