Page 61 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 8 (1949-1950)

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The best of Joseph Rolnick’s fifty creative years has been gath-
ered in a volume of 260 pages,
Arum der M il
(Around the Mill,
YKUF). The plaintive verses of Z. Segalovitsh, on the de-
struction of Jewry, have been published by CYCO under the
(The Present). Jehiel Lehrer, limner of the trag-
edy of his native Poland, before his death on February 19, 1949,
saw the publication by CYCO of his collected poetry in a 482
page volume. Songs of life and suffering by Joseph Papier-
nikoff, for decades a resident of Israel, were published by YKUF.
And the David Ignatoff Literary Fund published posthumously
the fine lyrics of Melech Chmelnitzki,
Ruh ufi Umruh
and Unrest).
Other contributions of the year to Yiddish poetry include
Joseph Cohen’s
Der Merchen Iz Ebig
(The Legend Is Eternal);
A. Lutzki,
A Buch tzum Leben\
L. Miller,
Shturems un Regen-
(Tempests and Rainbows, YKUF); Abraham Sutzkever,
Yiddishe Gass
(Jewish Street, Matones); Nahum Bomze,
Chasseneh in Harbst
(Harvest Wedding, Ignatoff Fund); A.
Dichter un Dichtung
(Poets and Poetry, Ignatoff);
Malcah Chafetz-Tuzman,
(Songs); L. Kussman,
Vegen Einem un a Dor
(Ezra — Concerning a Man and a Gen-
eration); Louis Goldberg,
Niggun in Vint
(Chant in the Breeze);
David Krivitzky,
M it Sich Allein
(In Solitude); L. Feinberg,
Ben Azzai in Pardes
(Ben Azzai in the Garden); Saul Maltz,
Der Gesang fu n Iyov
(Song of Job); Selig Dorfman,
A7nol Is
Geven a Melech
(Once There Was a King); and Aaron Jacob
Dos Tegliche Broit
(Our Daily Bread). In Chicago
there appeared Ben Zion Shaw’s
Geklibene Lieder
Poems) and Louis Sugarman’s
Tzaar und Hofenung
and Hope). In Miami appeared Zalman J. Tovshin’s
melte Lieder
(Collected Poems) and Sonia Gerbert’s
fu n Mein Hartz
(My Heart’s Strings). Other poetic works of
the year include Eliza Greenblatt’s
Ich Zing
(I Sing) and Alexander
Levinson’s miniature volume,
Vintn ofen Yam
(Sea Winds).
Of the few American full-length novels, some may be men-
tioned here. Of J. Opatoshu’s projected romance in two vol-
Der Letzter Ofshtand
(The Last Uprising), only the first,
Rabbi Akiba
, has appeared (CYCO). This authentic story of
the Bar Kochba uprising has been praised for its poetic quality,
its realism, and its timeliness, in the light of present day events.
Zalman Schneour, distinguished in various literary media, is
the author of two graphic and realistic novels of continental
life —
Die Meshumedeste
(The Female Convert) and
A Tog
Olam Hazeh
(A Day of This World), the latter depicting the
vicissitudes of Jewish artists in Paris. J. L. Singer, who died