Page 64 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 8 (1949-1950)

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stok Record), edited by Yudel Mark; and
, by Alter
Truss and Julius Cohen.
M. Osherowitz has brought out the second volume of his
Shtet un Shtetlach in Ukraine
(Cities and Towns in the Ukraine).
Among selected works of individual authors, outstanding
is the collection of the best work of “Tzivion” (Dr. B. Hoffman,
noted liberal journalist and essayist) under the name
Far Fuftzik
(Through Fifty years). Sklarsky published
Dr. Israel Zin-
, some of the better essays of the distinguished Jewish lit-
erary historian, who died in Leningrad at the beginning of
the Second World War. Two books by the essayist Solomon
Bickel appeared during the yea r—
Yidden Davenen
(Jews Pray),
on Jewish worship in New York, and
Essaien fu n Yiddishen
(Essays on Jewish Sorrow), presenting men’s hopes for
a better tomorrow. B. Rivkin’s incisive but goodhumored
Tendentzen fu n der Yiddisher Literatur in Amerika
(Basic Trends
of Yiddish Literature in America) was published by YKUF,
which also brought to light Dr. A. Mukdoni’s
Yitzchak Lei-
bush Peretz un Dos Yiddishe Teater
(J. L. Peretz and the Yid-
dish Theatre). In a volume of over 600 pages, S. Tannenbaum
compiled his literary and biographical essays under the title
Shnit fu n Mein Feld
(Crops from my Field). YKUF published
the scholarly Abba Gordin’s
Denker un Dichter
(Thinkers and
Poets), and a Los Angeles committee put out the collected works
of J. S. Naumov.
The chief historical project of the year was the beginning
of the reprinting from new type of Simon Dubnow’s ten-volume
Di Veit Geshichtefun Yiddishen Folk
(World History of the Jewish
People); the first well produced volume by A. Loeb has already
appeared. For YIVO Dr. Jacob Shatzky prepared the second
book of his
Geshichte fu n Yidden in Varshe
(History of Warsaw
Jewry), covering the period from 1831 to 1863. Another notable
undertaking was S. Hertz’s
Di Yidden in Ukraine fu n di Ershte
Tzeiten bis Noch Tach vTas
(Jews in the Ukraine from Early
Times Until After 1648-9). I t includes the Chmielnitzki massacres.
Antisemitism in der Frantzozisher Revolutzie
in the French Revolution) and
Dos Loshen fu n di Yidden in di
Arba Kehillos fu n Comte-Venemen
(The Jewish
Vernacular in the Four Communities of Cpmte-Veneme, France)
were both written by S. Frydman Szajkowski. S. Yanowsky
Ershte Yoren fu n Yiddishen Freiheitlechen Sotzialism
Years of Jewish Free Socialism), a history of the Jewish anarch-
ists, with an introduction by Dr. Herman Frank, his successor
as editor of
Der Freier Arbeter Shtimme
; this, too, is among
the many Los Angeles publications. The Arbeiter Ring published