Page 65 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 8 (1949-1950)

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a translation from the Russian of Victor Chernov’s
Tuer in der Partei Sotzialisten-Revolutzianer
(Jewish Leaders of
the Socialist Revolutionary Party). The Mizrachi Organiza-
tion printed
Inem Kampf fa r der Yiddisher Medinah
for the Jewish State) by its president, Leon Gellman.
CYCO is producing a distinguished photographed edition
of the seventeen volume edition of the works of Y. L. Peretz,
critically edited, of which the ninth,
Gedanken un Ideen
and Notions) was the most recent to appear. The fifth volume
of Mendele Mocher Seforim in modern format,
Tzurik Aheim
un Andere Dertzehlungen
(Back Home and Other Stories), was
put out by YKUF, an organization also responsible for
Dos Ge-
zangfun Tol
(Song of the Valley), by Sholem Ash, and
Kesovim fun a Veiten Korov
(Jewish Writings of a Distant Rela-
tive) by M. J. Berdichevsky. The Brothers Kaminsky repro-
duced Ignatz Bernstein’s
Yiddishe Sprichverter un Redensartn
(Yiddish Proverbs and Sayings).
There were other offset editions of classics. Sklarsky reissued
the four volume
Di Yiddishe Aggodes
(Jewish Legends), by J. H.
Ravnitzky and H. N. Bialik.
Educational material was meagre. Among these were J. J.
(Arbeiter Ring);
Shpiel tzum Tziel
Play), by Sam Liptzin; and the Sholom Aleichem Folk-Institute’s
notable collection of Yiddish studies in America,
Shul Pinkos
(School Record), which is largely devoted to future problems
of Jewish education in this country.
Noteworthy among books written by American witnesses
of the European holocaust were P. Novick’s
Eirope Tzvishen
Milchomeh un Sholom
(Europe Between War and Peace, YKUF)
and Emma Shaver’s
M ir Zenen Do
(We are Here!). On Jewish
conditions in this country one will read Bezalel Sherman’s schol-
Yidden un Andere Etnishe Gruppes in di Fareinikte Shtotn
(Jews and Other Ethnic Groups in the United States).
By far the most extensive and important of martyrological
volumes published here was
Kiddush Hashem
of the Name), containing narratives, letters, wills, legends, songs,
plays, and other cognate material. Edited by Sh. Niger, the large
tome was published by the Louis LaMed Foundation. The book
is concerned with modern persecutions of the Jew, mostly with the
Hitler catastrophe.
From CYCO came the poetic anthology of songs born of the
Nazi persecutions, gathered by Shmerke Katsherginsky of the
Wilna partisans and edited by H. Leivick. This is called