Page 34 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 9 (1950-1951)

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An account of the history of the Haganah and a detailed narrative of the
army’s campaigns in the war of independence; well illustrated.
i w k i n
- B
r i c k
, A
n n a
Palestine. Cleveland, World, 1949. 130 p.
A collection of striking photographs by a noted Swedish photographer;
text and introduction by her husband.
u p p i n
, A
r t h u r
Building Israel. New York, Schocken, 1949. 342
p .
New edition of a collection of essays originally published in 1936. They
deal with many of the problems which confronted the settlers and developers
of Palestine in the preceding th ir ty years.
h a w
, I
r w i n
& C
a p a
, R
o b e r t
Report on Israel. New York, Simon and Schuster,
1950. 144 p. 95 photographs.
Vivid essays on outstanding aspects of life in Israel today; contains a col-
lection of Mr. Capa’s newest pictures.
i l b e r m i n t z
, S
e y m o u r
Songs of Israel. New York, Young Zionist Actions Com-
mittee, 1949. 168 p.
A collection of almost 200 of the more recent popular songs of Israel; melody
line, text in Hebrew and English.
t a m p f e r
, J
u d a h
Jerusalem has many faces. New York, Farrar , Straus, 1950.
H2 p.
A collection of poems, with introduction by Ludwig Lewisohn.
e s t e r
, B
e r t h a
p a f f o r d
Our Jerusalem, an American family in the holy city —
1881-1949. Garden City, Doubleday, 1950. 332 p.
An American missionary gives a personal account of her experiences; po-
litically neutral, but closer to the Arabs.