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and Land of Israel. In a discussion regarding the order of the fifth cup, the
editor concludes tha t it should be incorporated into the Seder service according
to the formulation of the Maharal of Prague.
a s h e r
M. M. Torah shelemah (Complete Torah) . Vol. 13. New York, American
Biblical Encyclopedia Society, 1949. 204 p.
The editor follows his plan of presenting the relevant rabbinic sources to
every verse in the Bible. In this volume, however, only one verse — Exodus
12:2 — is commented upon and serves as the basis for the entire volume.
We have presented here in 14 chapters an historic trea tmen t of the whole
field of the Jewish calendar. I t is apparent tha t the au thor ’s method is bound
to render this admirable work somewhat unwieldy.
e n a h e m
a m e i r i
Bet ha-behira al maseket Nidda (Beth ha-behira commentary
on the tractate Nidda). Edited by Abraham Sofer. New York, 1949. 334 p.
The editor has continued the publication of another in his series of scientific
editions of Hameiri’s commentary on the Talmud and has made use of the
available manuscripts. Professor Saul Lieberman, in an addendum, points
to the value of the new material contained in the commentary, not only for
textual reasons but also because of the many sources from which it draws.
e c h e s
, S
o l om o n
M. compiler. Perushe Rabenu Yehuda he-Hasid l ’maseket
Abot (Commentaries by Rabbi Judah the Pious on the t ractate Abot). Los
Angeles, 1950. 80 p. .
Dr. Neches has added explanatory notes and references to this collection
of citations on Abot from
Sefer Hasidim
(Book of the Pious), a volume of
ethical teaching. I t serves as a companion volume to the au thor’s previous
selections from the works of the Dubno Maggid and Isaac Ber Levenson on
o n o w i t z
, I
s r a e l
Toldot ha-hinukh ha-ivri b’Romania (History of Jewish
Education in Rumania). New York, Hebrew Principals Association, 1949.
I l l p.
The volume is a reprint of Konowitz’s studies first published in the educa-
tional quarterly
Shevile Hahinukh
and covering the history of Jewish education
in Rumania during the period from the middle of the 18th century to its
decline in recent times. As an educator who began his activity in tha t country
Konowitz is in a position to make use of the available sources and to know
the situation at first hand. Of interest also is the au thor’s evaluation of Jewish
education in America during the nineties.
c h a r f s t e i n
, Z
e v i
Toldot ha-hinukh b ’Yisrael b’dorot ha-aharonim (History of
Jewish education in modern times). Vol. 3. New York, Ogen, 1949. 340 p.
Professor Scharfstein has carried forward his history of modern Jewish
education with this review of Jewish education in Europe in the years between
the two World Wars. The destruction of Jewish life in Russia is fully docu-
mented and described and the rival Jewish ideologies in Poland and other
European countries and their accompanying school systems are treated.
Also included in the volume is a survey of Jewish education in Lat in America,
the Far Eas t and Australia. The author has done a pioneer job in gathering
the materials and in interpreting them.
a r o n i
, A
b r a h a m
a l l e n r o d
, R
e u b e n
Yesodot ha-dikduk ha-ivri (Fun-
damentals of Hebrew grammar) . New York, Shilo, 1949. 261 p.
This grammar is based on the authors’
Modern Hebrew Reader and Grammar
and offers a simple exposition of the rules of the language.
e n
- E
z r a
, A
k i b a
compiler. Yamim Noraim v ’Sukkot (Days of Awe and Sukkot).
New York, Mizrachi National Education Committee, 1949. 56 p.
A compilation of story material and songs together with vocabularies.