Page 54 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 9 (1950-1951)

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c h n e i d e r m a n
, C
h a y i m
Zichroines fun mein yugend (Memories of my youth) .
Toronto, 1949. 142 p.
e g a l o v i t c h
Y. Meine ziben yor in Tel Aviv (My seven years in Tel Aviv).
Buenos Aires, Central Federation of Polish Jews of the Argentine, 1949.
237 p.
h o s h k e s
, C
h a y i m
A velt vos is farbei (A world tha t has passed on). Buenos
Aires, Central Federation of Polish Jews of the Argentine, 1949. 368 p.
A chronicle of Poland in destruct ion. The 45th volume in the “Polish
Jewry” series.
r u n k
J. J. Poilen: Zichroines un bilder. (Poland: memoirs and portraits).
Vol. 4, 304 p. Vol. 5, 308 p. New York, Unzer Tzeit , 1949.
u r k o f f
, J
o n a s
In kamf farn leben (In the struggle for life). Buenos Aires,
Central Federation of Polish Jews of the Argentine, 1949. 431 p.
A second volume of memoirs which deals with the destruction of Warsaw
till its liberation. The first volume is enti tled
Azoi is es geven
(Thus it was).
The 53rd book in the “ Polish Jewry” series.
a g a
, S
h l o i m e
Churben Chenstochow (Destruction of Czestochowa). Buenos
Aires, Central Federation of Polish Jews of the Argentine, 1949. 225 p.
The 46th book in the “Polish Jewry” series.
e i n r e i c h
, H
e r s h e l
Blut oif der zun (Blood on the sun). New York, 1950.
207 p.
A former Red Army officer’s experiences leading up to his escape from
USSR. Includes information on Soviet-Yiddish writers who disappeared.
o t o c h a n s k y
, J
a c o b
Mamme yiddish (Mother Yiddish). Buenos Aires, David
Lerman, 1949. 285 p.
On Yiddish, particularly in old Roumania, Bessarabia and in the Argentine.
r u z d u v
, N
a h m a n
Der vidergeburt funm Yiddentum (The rebirth of Jewry).
Chicago, Jewish National Workers’ Alliance, 1949. 123 p.
Sketches of Jewish life in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.
f r o i k i n
J. K’dushoh un g’vuroh bei yidn amul un heint (Sanctification and
heroism among Jews in the past and present). New York, 1949. 164 p.
i n k e l s t e i n
, L
e o
Pidyon ha’shem (Redemption of a name). 1949.
Considerations of Jewish creative efforts for the past eight years.
o l d h o r n
J. Literarishe silueten (Literary silhouettes). Munich, 1949. 92 p.
Reappraisals of Mendele, J. M. Weissenberg, Yehoash, M. L. Halpern,
Moishe Nadir, H. Leivick, J. Glatstein, A. Leyeless, Itzik Manger and Hayim
a g a n o f s k y
, E
f r a i m
Yiddishe shreiber in der heim (Yiddish writers at home).
Lodz, 1949. 72 p.
On I. L. Perez, H. D. Nomberg, Shloime Gilbert, Mendele and David
a t c h e r g i n s k y
S. Tsvishen hammer un serp (Between the hammer and sickle).
Paris, 1949.
The destruction of Jewish culture in the Soviet Union.
o e n i g
, L
e o
Buch fun lesterungen (Book of heresies). London, 1949.
Includes anti-religious themes.
i p p i n e r
A. Bei die teichen fun Portugal (By the rivers of Portugal). Buenos
Aires, Yivo, 1949. 209 p.
A Yiddish translation with introductory materials of Samuel Usque’s
Consolation fo r the Sorrows of Israel.
a n f r e d
a z a r u s
Zeit ir balibt zvishn menshn? (Are you well-liked bv people?)
New York, 1950. 67 p.
Ten social handicaps successfully overcome.
a r m o r
, K
a l m a n
Dovid Edelstadt (David Edelstadt) . New York, Yikuf,
1950. 401 p.
The life of the pioneer Yiddish anarchist versifier.