Page 56 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 9 (1950-1951)

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Verse, lyrics and songs compiled by Goichberg; musical texts by Michael
Gelbart; illustrations by Shirley Knoring. Prepared for Yiddish secular schools.
h i f f r i s
, M
o i s h e
Feigel kanarick un andere maises (The canary bird and other
tales). Colored illustrations by
H .
Kruckman. New York, 1950. 104 p.
i m o n
, S .
Dos kluge shneiderel (The smar t little tailor). New York, Matones,
1950. 127 p.
--------- . Shmerl nar (Shmerl the fool). New York, Matones, 1950. 112 p.
s e s s l e r
, S
a m u e l
Durch tier un toyer (Through door and gate). Buenos Aires,
1949. 129
Verse for classroom use.
n g e r
, M
e n a s h e
Gut yom-tov, kinder! (A h a p p y holiday, children!). New
York, 1949. 112 p.
An album size book containing 13 children’s stories centered on all Jewish
ceremonial holidays as observed in Poland, America, and in Israel’s new
e i n r e i c h
, U
r i e l
College Yiddish. New York, YIVO, 1949. 397
p .
An introduction to the Yiddish language and to Jewish life and culture.
a r e t z k y
, H
i n d e
Krotona park brigaade (Crotona Park brigade). New York.
Central Committee of the Yiddish Folkschools, 1949. 94 p.
Stoiies and verse for classroom reading.
g u s h e w i t z
, R
e u b e n
Emunoh un apikorsus (Faith and disbelief). New York,
Pardes, 1949. 209 p.
On the struggle between doctrinal religion and materialistic thinking, the
freedom of will and the interaction of consciousness and behavior.
e l l e r
, J
a c o b
Eretz Yisroel, 1948. (Israel, 1948). Buenos Aires, 1949. 300 p.
A reportorial account of Israel’s defense against Arab aggression. Illustra-
tive photographs.
e r g n e r
, Y
o s e l
59 illustratzies zu alle folkstimleche geshichten fun Yitzchok
Leibush Peretz (59 illustrations of all the folk tales of I. L. Perez). Montreal,
Hertz and Edelstein, 1950.
o h e n
, J
a c o b
Fun eigenem gorten (From one’s own garden). Paris, 1949. 112 p.
Aphorisms, reflections, dialogues, and verse.
i n k e l s t e i n
, L
e o
Dorten un do (Here and there). Toronto, Canada, Gershon
Pomerantz, 1950. 194 p.
About the teller of tales and dramatis t F. Bimko.
a i l i n g
, B
e n
Git a shmeichel (Give us a smile). Boston, 1949. 224 p.
Humorous and satirical pieces for stage reading.
e r s h b e r g
, A
v r o h o m
h m u e l
Pinkos Bialystok (The Chronicle of Bialystok).
Vol. II. New York, 1950. 380 p.
Sources for a history of the Bialystok Jewish community up to the end of
the first World War. Edited by Yudel Mark.
o r o w i t z
, N
a f t a l i
Fun Eretz Yisroel oitzer (From the treasure of the Land of
Israel). New York, Pardes, 1949. 192 p.
A collection of sayings of the sages, the Zohar, Torah commentaries and
thoughts . . . written and spoken about the Land of Israel throughout the
ages to our own day.
Jewish Book Annual (1949-1950). New York, Jewish Book Council of America,
1949. Vol. 8. 272 p. Edited by Abraham G. Duker, Pinkhos Churgin and
Moshe Starkman.
Tri-lingual — English, Yiddish and Hebrew — volume of essays and
surveys on Jewish literature.
e v i n t h a l
, I
s r a e l
H. Yahadus (Judaism). New York, Pardes, 1949. 267 p.
An analysis and interpretation of the fundamental concepts and teachings
of Judaism. Trans lated by A. Eisen from the English original,
a n f r e d
, L
a z a r u s
Unter ein dach (Under one roof). New York, 1949. 352 p.
Songs, stories, drama and music.