Page 63 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 9 (1950-1951)

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Philosophie Solomon Maimons
, Heidelberg, 1912; 2) M. Gueroult,
La philosophie transcendentale de Solomon Maimon
, Paris, 1929;
and 3) Hugo Bergman,
סוליפה היפ לש
One of Maimon’s works,
Versuch einer neuen Logik
, has been
republished by the
Kant Gesellschaft
in 1912. Among English
philosophers who made an extensive study of Maimon’s work,
S. H. Hodgson is particularly noteworthy (see his
Philosophy of
, Vol. 1). See also my essay, “Solomon Maimon’s Treat-
ment of the Problem of Antinomies and its Relation to Mai-
monides,” in
Hebrew Union College Annual
Cincinnati, 1948.
The fate of Maimon’s philosophy depends on the fate of phi-
losophy in general. For those who are convinced that the future
of philosophy belongs to critical philosophy the name of Maimon
will live forever. His works will be studied, and not only his
spirit but also his name will be immortal.