Page 72 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 9 (1950-1951)

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Jewish Educ. ; author textbooks incl.
Rebuilding Palestine, Jewish Customs
and Ceremonies, Jewish Holidays and Festivals, Jewish Community Life in
; d. New York, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1948.
p s t e i n
, L
o u i s
M. , rabbi, authori ty on Jewish law; b. Anikst, Lithuania , Oct. 19,
1887; came to U. S. 1904; rabbi congs. in Texas, Ohio, and Massachusetts;
rabbi Cong. Kehi llath Israel, Brookline, Mass., 1925-47; pres. Rabbinical
Assembly of Am. , 1918-22; author of
The Jewish Marriage Contract, A Solution
to the Agunah Problem
(in Hebrew),
Marriage Laws in the Bible and Talmud,
Sex Laws and Customs in Judaism
; also contributor to
Jewish Quarterly
and other scholarly publications; d. New York, N. Y., March 22, 1949.
e o
M. , rabbi; b. Cambridge City, Ind., Mar .
5, 1870;
rabbi Temple
Beth El, Detroit , Mich.,
pres. Central Conference of Am. Rabbis,
pres. Detroit Public Library,
author of
Christ and Chris-
tianity from the Standpoint of the Modern Jew, A Children s Ritual fo r Camps
and Schools, The Rabbi
The Man and His Message, The Road to Under-
standing Between Christian and Jew,
d. Detroit , Mich., Aug.
8, 1948.
r e i m a n n
, A
r o n
bibliographer, historian; b. Filehne (Posen), Germany, Aug. 5,
1871; librarian Frankfurt-am-Main Stadtbibliothek, 1897-1933; came to U. S.
1938; prof. Jewish history and literature, Yeshiva Coll.; consultant Jewish
Division, N. Y. Public Library; co-ed.
Zeitschriftfur hebraische Bibliographies
Germania Judaica, Zeitschrift fu r die Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland
Thesaurus Typographiae Hebraicae Saeculi XV , Katalog der Judaica
und Hebraica
(Frankfurt-am-Main Stadtbibliothek),
A Gazetteer of Hebrew
; author (with F. Kracauer) of
A History of the Jews in Frankfort
and of numerous other historical and bibliographical contributions; d. New
York, N. Y., June 6, 1948.
e l l e r
, T
o d r o s
artist, illustrator; b. Vinnitza, Russia, July 1, 1889; came to
U. S. 1918; former supervisor of ar t for Bd. of Jewish Studies and dir. of art
Coll. of Jewish Studies, Chicago; illustrator of books incl.
Jewish Motifs
Palestine, From Land to Land, Had Gadya\
d. Chicago, 111., Feb. 23, 1949.
r e e n b e r g
, J
a c o b
i r s h
rabbi, educator; b. Antopol, Poland, Dec. 15, 1879;
came to U. S. 1905; principal of Hebrew schools in U. S. for 16 years; dean
Hebrew Theol. Coll., Chicago, 111., since 1922; author of
Poroshat Hamoadim\
d. Chicago, 111., Jan. 31, 1949.
r o s s
, A
l b e r t
H .
(Abba Chaim), translator; b. Leeds, England,
1895; came
to U. S. as child; translated into English Sholem Asch’s
East River
and other
Yiddish books; also translated articles for encyclopedia,
The Jewish People
Past and Present
; d. New York, N. Y., Aug. 16, 1948.
i r s h b e i n
, P
e r e t z
Yiddish playwright, author; b. Kleshchel, Russia, Nov. 17,
1880; came to U. S. 1911; author of many plays in Yiddish, incl.
D i Neveile,
Di Puste Kretshme
(produced in English in New York as
The Idle Inn), Dem
Shmids Tochter, Grine Felder
(produced as a talking film); novels, incl.
Felder, Kinderyorn, Bovel;
books of travel, incl.
Fun Vaite Lender, Arum der
Veit, Eretz Yisroel, Shvarzbuch
; poetry, incl.
Main Buch, Farn Morgenshtern\
contributor to
Der Tog
and other Yiddish newspapers; d. Los Angeles, Cal.,
Aug. 16, 1948.
y a m s o n
, M
o s e s
rabbi, scholar; b. Suwalki, Poland, Sept. 3, 1862; brought to
England 1864; rabbi congs. in Wales and England; came to U. S. 1913; rabbi
Cong. Orach Chaim, N. Y. City, since 1913; prof. of codes Jewish Theol.
Sem. of Am., 1915-40; founder, former pres. League for Safeguarding the
Fixity of the Sabbath; author of
The Oral Law and Other Sermons, The Jewish
Method of Slaying Animals from the Point of View of Humanity, The Blank
Day Device in Proposed Plans fo r Calendar Reform
(submitted to League of
Sabbath and Festival Addresses',
ed. and translator
Collatio Mosai-
carum et Romanarum Legum,
Bachya ben Joseph ibn Paquda ’s
Duties of the
Mishneh Torah
; co-ed.
Jewish Forum״,
d. New York, N. Y.,
June 9, 1949.
i e b m a n
, J
o s h u a
o t h
rabbi, author; b. Hamilton, Ohio, April 7, 1907; rabbi
KAM Temple, Chicago, 111., 1934-39; rabbi Temple Israel, Boston, Mass.,
since 1939; author of
The Religious Philosophy of Aaron ben Elijah, God and
the World Crisis, Teleology and Attributes in the Philosophy of Maimonides
Peace of Mind, Psychiatry and Religion',
d. Boston, Mass., June 9, 1948.