Page 73 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 9 (1950-1951)

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a g n e s
, J
u d a h
e o n
rabbi, educator; b. San Francisco, Cal., July 5, 1877;
rabbi Temple Israel, Brooklyn, N. Y., Temple Emanu-El , N. Y. City, Cong.
B’nai Jeshurun, N. Y. City, until 1912; a founder, chmn. exec, council N. Y.
City Jewish Kehillah, 1909-22; org. Bureau of Jewish Educ.; leader Soc. for
Advancement of Judaism, 1912-20; went to Palestine 1922; chancellor, later
pres. Hebrew Univ. in Jerusalem since 1925; leader Ihud (Union) movement
favoring bi-national state in Palestine; came to U. S. 1948 to represent Ihud
before UN Security Council; author of
Kekhol Hagoyim?, Neumei Hakanzler,
In the Perplexity of the Times
, (with Mart in Buber)
Divided or
United?, Palestine a Bi-National State
, and numerous articles on Palestine in
the Jewish and general press; d. New York, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1948.
e n d e l s o n
, S
h l o m o
Yiddish journalist, educator, Bundist leader; b. Warsaw,
Poland, 1896; active in Yiddish school movement in Poland; mem. central
comm. Jewish Socialist Bund; co-ed.
Di Naie Shul, Shul un Lebn, Shulvezn
Dos Folk, Der Hantverker, Forois;
frequent contributor to
Vochnshrift, Bicher-Velt, Der Tog
(Vilna); ed. Shlomo Ett inger’s
came to U.
S .
after outbreak of World War II ; author of
The Battle oj the
Warsaw Ghetto
(Yiddish and English edns.); d. Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 10,
e n k e s
, J
a c o b
e r n a r d
rabbi, scholar; b. Lemberg, Austria, April 9, 1887;
came to U. S.
1906; rabbi congs. in Florida, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania,
New York; consultant Jewish Division, N. Y. Public Library, 1933-40;
comp, index to Responsa literature, bibliog. of works of Rabbi Hyman G.
Enelow; author of several pamphlets pub. by Nat . Fed. of Temple Brother-
hoods and articles in
The Jewish Layman-,
d. New York, N. Y., April 3, 1949.
h i l i p s o n
, D
a v i d
rabbi, author, “dean of American Reform rabbinate” ; b.
Wabash, Ind., Aug. 9, 1862; rabbi Rockdale Ave. Temple, Cincinnati, Ohio,
1888-1938; mem. faculty Hebrew Union Coll. since 1889; pres. Central Con-
ference of Am. Rabbis, 1907-09, hon. pres. 1929-34; chmn. Comm, on Revision
Union Prayer Book
; mem. bd. of eds. for Bible transl. pub. by Jewish
Pub. Soc.; chmn. bd. of eds.
Hebrew Union College Annual
since 1921; con-
suiting ed.
Jewish Encyclopedia
; author of many books, incl.
The Jew in English
Fiction, Old European Jewries, The Oldest Jewish Congregation in the West,
A Holiday Sheaf
The Reform Movement in Judaism, Max Lilienthal
American Rabbi, Centenary Papers and Others, History of the Hebrew Union
College, My Life as an American Jew,
Selected Writings of Isaac M. Wise,
Reminiscences of Isaac M. Wise, Letters of Rebecca Gratz;
contributor to
Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society•,
d. Boston, Mass.,
June 29, 1949.
e g a l o v i t c h
, Z
u s m a n
Yiddish poet, novelist; b. Bialystok, Poland, Feb. 27, 1884;
contributor to many Yiddish journals in Poland, Russia, and abroad; wrote
numerous volumes of poetry; author of many popular novels, incl.
Di Vilde
Tzilke, Zeligs Yorn
(autobiographical trilogy:
Eibig Einzam, Dos Anarchis-
tishe Meidl, Unzer Froi), Goldene Paves
; during World War II escaped to
Palestine where he wrote poetry on the tragedy of the Jews under Nazism,
A Boimfun Poiln, Dortn, Nishto;
came to U. S. 1947; d. New York, N. Y.,
Feb. 19, 1949.
e l d i n
, A
l e x a n d e r
Yiddish journalist; b. Leltzitz, Russia, April 2, 1882; came
to U.
S .
1905; contributed articles, short stories, one-act plays to
Freie Arbeiter
of which he was co-ed.,
Yiddisher Kemfer, Der Amerikaner,
and other
Yiddish publications; ed.
Jewish Daily Press,
Cleveland, Ohio; mem. ed. staff
Der Tog,
N. Y. City, 1914-47; a founder I. L. Peretz Verein (Yiddish Writers
Union); d. New York, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1949.
h a p i r o
, L
a m e d
Yiddish short story writer; b. Kiev, Russia, 1878; came to U. S.
1906; contributed stories to various periodicals; ed., pub.
literary quarterly, N. Y. City; author of short story collections, incl.
Kush, Oifn Yam, Novellen, Di Yiddishe Meluche un Andere Zachen, New
Yorkish, Der Shraiber Geit in Cheder\
translator of works by Dickens, Kipling,
Scott, Hugo into Yiddish; d. Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 25, 1948.
o l i s
- C
o h e n
, S
o l o m o n
daSiLVA, physician, poet, essayist; b. Philadelphia, Pa.,
Sept. 1, 1857; lecturer, later prof. clinical medicine, Jefferson Med. Coll.,
1888-1927; a founder, Jewish Pub. Soc., Jewish Theol. Sem.; a founder and