Page 74 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 9 (1950-1951)

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American Hebrew,
author of
When Love Passes By and Other Verses
translations from medieval Hebrew poets),
Judaism and Science and Other
translator of
Selected Poems of Moses Ibn Ezra
; d. Philadelphia, Pa. ,
July 12, 1948.
t a r r
, J
o s h u a
historian, editor; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 16, 1907; associated with
Conference on Jewish Relations; managing ed., later assoc, ed.
Jewish Social
1941-49; research dir. Am. Jewish Joint Distrib. Comm.; ed. for
Schocken Books; exec. sec. Jewish Cultural Reconstruction; author of
Jews of the Byzantine Empire, Romania
The Jewries of the Levant after the
Fourth Crusade
; ed. (with Sophia M. Robison)
Jewish Population Studies',
contributor of articles and reviews for learned journals; d. New York, N. Y.,
Dec. 6, 1949.
c h e r n o w i t z
, C
h a i m
(“Rav Tzair ,” pseud.), Hebrew author, scholar, Talmudist;
b. Sebezh, Lithuania, Nov. 25, 1871; chief rabbi Odessa, 1900-12; founder
and pres. Rabbinical Yeshiva of Odessa; came to U. S. 1923; prof. of Talmud,
Jewish Inst, of Religion, N. Y. City, 1923-47; founder and ed.
Hebrew monthly, since 1939; author of
Letoldot Ha-Shulhan-Aruch, Le Probleme
Juif, Beitrag zur Entstehung der Halachah, Kitzur Ha-Talmud, Toldot Ha-
Halachah, Beshaare Zion
(collected articles on Zionism),
Masechet Zichronot
Toldot Haposkim, Hevle Geulah\
unfinished autobiography pub.
posthumously in
contributor to
Biblisches und talmudisches Lexikon;
also wrote under pseud. “Talmudi;” d. New York, N. Y., May 15, 1949.
u n k e l
, J
o s e p h
(“Der Tunkeler ,” pseud.), Yiddish humorist, journalist; b.
Bobruisk, Russia, 1881; came to U. S. 1906; founder and ed. humorous weekly
Der Kibitzer-,
Groiser Kundes-,
returned to Poland 1910; contributor
Moment, Haint
, Warsaw; correspondent for Yiddish newspapers in Europe
and the Americas; founder
author of numerous humorous works,
Der Krumer Shpigl, Der Regenboign, Katoves, Mitn Kop Arop, Oif-Tzu-
Kleimersht, M it di Fis Aroif, A Raize iber Rusland, Fort a Y id Kein Eretz
Yisroel, In Gutn Mut
Gelechter on a Tzait;
came back to U. S. 1940; mem.
ed. staff
; d. New York, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1949.
i s e
, S
t e p h e n
S . ,
rabbi, author, Zionist and civic leader; b. Budapest, Hungary,
March 17, 1874; came to U.
S .
1875; rabbi congs. N. Y. City and Port land,
Ore.; founder and rabbi Free Synagogue, N. Y. City, since 1907; founder,
prof., trustee Jewish Inst , of Religion; founder, first sec., later pres. Fed. of
Am. Zionists; pres. Zionist Org. of Am.; occupied other high posts in Zionist
movement; founder, pres. Am. Jewish Cong., World Jewish Cong.; mem. ed.
bd., later ed.
; author of
The Ethics of Solomon Ibn Gabirol, How to
Face Life, Child Versus Parent, The Free Synagogue Pulpit
(10 vols.),
Beth Israel Pulpit
(2 vols.),
As I See It, Challenging Years
(posthumously pub.
autobiography), (with Jacob deHaas)
The Great Betrayal
; ed. symposium
Never Again! Ten Years of Hitler
; translator of Book of Judges for the Jewish
Pub. Soc. Bible; contributor to many Jewish and general periodicals; d.
New York, N. Y., April 19, 1949.
d l e r
, Y
a n k e l
artist; b. Lodz, Poland, 1895; lived in Poland, Germany, France;
went to England during World War I I ; co-founder first modern Yiddish art
(Lodz); illus. Broderson’s
Shvartz Shabbes-,
d. London,
England, April 26, 1949.
e i l i n
, A
s h e r
Hebrew and Yiddish author, journalist; b. Kiev, Russia, Feb. 21,
1881; sec. to Sholem Aleichem; went to England 1906; contributor and cor-
respondent Yiddish newspapers, incl.
Der Tog
(New York); ed.
Jewish Journal and Express
(London); sec. publicity
dept. Keren Hayesod, 1920-33; went to Palestine 1933; contributor Hebrew
publications, incl.
Davar, Moznaim
; author of
(Hebrew and Yiddish)
and numerous short stories; plays in Yiddish, incl.
Passportn, Der Blutiger
In di Shvartze Teg,
and in Hebrew, incl.
Banim Ligvulam
; translator
of Mary Agnes Hamil ton’s
Abraham Lincoln
and Winston Churchil l’s
into Hebrew; d. Tel Aviv, Israel, Sept. 12, 1948.