Page 80 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 9 (1950-1951)

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phlet lists a variety of program ideas, and offers one complete program of singing,
recitations and responsive reading for a Jewish Book Festival “ home ceremony.”
The English edition of
Jewish Book Festival
suggests the following simple program
ceremony as a guide: family singing of “The Book of Books,” an adaptat ion of an
Israeli song by Ezrachi; a reci tation by the head of the family of a portion from
the “Ethical Will” of the medieval Spanish-Jewish philosopher, Judah Ibn Tibbon;
a reading by the mother from the poem “People and the Book,” by Elma Ehrlich
Levinger; a reci tation by one of the children of a poem by the Israeli poetess, Jessie
E. Sampter; responsive reading from chapter one of “Proverbs;” a recitation by
one of the family
/ a selection from Hayyim N. Bialik; and, at the conclusion,
singing by the family of “ Kabolas Ha to rah .” The Yiddish edition includes a poem
by Morris Rosenfeld; the songs “Oif’n Pr ipi tchik” and “Vos Mir Zeinen,” and
other pertinent material.
A major responsibility of the Council is the preparation and distribution of
program materials, bibliographical aids and similar items. I ts fulfillment of this
task is reflected in the roster of publications recorded herewith. (Descriptions of
the items listed, with the exception of new ones, have been included in previous
reports and will be made available upon request.)
Some Jewish Books fo r Your Home Library
Jewish Book Programs
Lecturers and Artists fo r Jewish Book Month
Jewish Book Month in Public Libraries
The Magic Book-Shop
by Sally Miller Brash
I f Books Could Talk
by Sally Milier Brash
And I t Was Written And I t Shall Be Read
by Mar tha Marenoff
Jewish Books fo r Your Home
by Solomon Grayzel
Some Books of Jewish Interest
by Philip Goodman
The Jewish Child in Bookland
by Fanny Goldstein
The Jewish Book Shop
by Isidore Cooperman
The Jewish Library
by Jacob S. Golub
Jewish Book Festival.
English and Yiddish editions.
How to Conduct a Book Review Symposium
by Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen
Publicity Manual
— This publication, containing sample news releases, spot an-
nouncements for radio, and similar material was prepared by the JWB Bureau
of Public Information.
Reading Circles
— This pamphlet, intended to stimulate the development of read-
ing circles in local communities, is in the process of preparation.
Jewish Book Month Poster
— 10,000 copies of the poster with a beautiful full color
illumination by the famous artist, Ar thur Szyk, were printed. Although the same
poster design has been used for several years, it is still most popular and is in con-
s tan t demand.
— The design on the official poster was reproduced on 100,000 book-
marks which were printed and distributed. Even this large supply was not ade-
quate to cope with the demand.
Jewish Book Annual
— The 8th volume of the tri-lingual Jewish Book Annual
5710, 1949-50, was generally acknowledged to be a substantial contribution to
Jewish literature. The following were the editors: Abraham G. Duker, English
Section; Dr. Pinkhos Churgin, Hebrew Section; Moshe Starkman, Yiddish Section.
The managing editor was Philip Goodman.
In Jewish Bookland
— This periodical, devoted to book reviews, was inaugurated
in 1945. After careful consideration, the Jewish Book Council accepted the pro-
posal of the National Jewish Welfare Board to have
In Jewish Bookland
monthly in a special cultural supplement tha t was inaugurated by the
JWB Circle