Page 83 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 9 (1950-1951)

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his presidential address. “ In our efforts to create a wider interest in Jewish books,
we know full well tha t we will not bring about a cultural revolution overnight ,
but we also know tha t we dare not neglect this work.” “The past ten years of our
activity,” he continued, “have indicated tha t our message is being heard and that
our interpretation is fairly effective.” And he added: “But we need more human
and material resources; and sooner or later the community will give them to us.
I t must if the Jews of America are to live up to their challenge and make articulate
the eternal spiri t of our people.”
Dr. Grayzel, editor of the Jewish Publication Society, who retired as president
of the Council after six years, was the recipient of a testimonial from the Council
and was honored in the evening at a dinner held at the 92nd Street YM-YWHA.
The testimonial presented to Dr. Grayzel stressed that he had given “generously”
to the service of the Council, adding that under his leadership “ the Jewish Book
Council of America prospered and helped to spread the good news of Jewish books
throughout the Jewish communities of our land, brought spiritual sustenance to
chaplains and servicemen during World War II and helped writers in English,
Yiddish and Hebrew as well as readers to find each other in the tri-lingual literary
heritage of the Jewish people.”
Library citations were presented by Rabbi I. Edward Kiev, chairman of the
Book Council’s library citations committee, on behalf of the Council to ten libraries.
Dr. Joshua Bloch, chairman of the nominations committee, presented a committee
report. Mr. Sanford Solender, director of the Jewish Center Division of the Na-
tional Jewish Welfare Board, extended greetings in behalf of the JW7B. Announce-
ment was made of the winners of the annual awards for non-fiction and fiction
works which has been reported upon above. Following the sessions, Dr. Stephen
S. Kayser conducted a guided tour of the Jewish Museum.
Mr. Solomon Kerstein, chairman of the resolutions committee, presented the
following resolutions tha t were adopted by the meeting: to Frank L. Weil, hon-
orary president of the Council, on the occasion of his retirement from the presi-
dency of JWB; to the new JWB president, Irving Edison, of St. Louis; and in
memory of Mrs. Anna Center Schneiderman, late executive board member of the
Officers elected at the meeting were: Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, Philadelphia,
president; Dr. Pinkhos Churgin, Dr. Sol Liptzin, Harry Schneiderman, Dr. Bernard
J. Bamberger, vice-presidents; Fanny Goldstein, Boston, Dr. Solomon Grayzel,
Phila. , Rabbi S. Felix Mendelsohn, Chicago, Dr. Mordecai Soltes, and Frank L.
Weil, honorary presidents; Abraham H. Cohen, treasurer; and Solomon Kerstein